Indian Restaurants in New Zealand

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by njcull

Indian Restaurants in New Zealand

Indian cuisine is characterized by the use of spices and seasonings in the way meals are prepared. In previous years, dining out meant eating in a Chinese restaurant. Nowadays, with the growth of the immigrant community in the country meant more options for dining out. The following are the best Indian restaurants in Auckland, North Island, New Zealand.

Ajadz Indian Cuisine. Located in Waterside City, this is one restaurant that would taste like old home style Indian cooking. The restaurant offers a wide menu and great value for their money. Aside from the regular menu, there is a Value Cuisine menu that features authentic favorites from back home in India. The all time favorites include Tandoori Chicken, Tikka Swadee, Lamb Madras and Prawn Vindaloo. The restaurant’s most famous dish is Butter Chicken. Dishes can be spiced accordingly from mild, medium and hot and there is a vegetarian selection to choose from, all of which are gluten free. As for those who are lactose intolerant, there are choices such as Tikka Masala, Vindaloo, Rogenjosh and Chicken/Lamb Dopiaza. Aside from its Waterside City location, there are restaurants found in Ellerslie, Pakuranga, Papakura Highland Park and Waiheke Island.

Little India Bistro and Tandoor Auckland. One of the secrets to Indian cuisine is the use of charcoal and clay ovens. These can be found in Little India Bistro and Tandoor Auckland. The preparations are made to the exacting standards of Indian cuisine and the venue takes one away to complete the Indian experience. The cuisine is basically Northern Indian, with recipes from Punjabi history of the kitchens of the Mughals in the 15th century. These include Tandoori kebabs, kormas and sumptuous delights are complemented with Nan breads or Basmati rice. The dishes are cooked in traditional mud chullahs in compliance with the original way Tandoori food is back home in India.

Oh Calcutta Indian Cuisine Auckland. This is one of the upscale Indian restaurants in New Zealand. This restaurant has won many Auckland Restaurant awards, being recognized as the Top Auckland Indian Restaurant in 2003 by the Auckland Herald. The restaurant showcases the best of Indian food with a chef from Mumbai cooking your meals the right way. It is also the watering hole of many of New Zealand’s glitter set, such as Simply Red, Billy Connolly and Joe Cocker. Located at the Parnell Restaurants Strip, this restaurant will surely make you come back for more.

Palace Of India Auckland. The menu of this popular restaurant is a wide plethora of rich creamy curries, fluffy rice, tasty bread with a wide variety of chutney and pickled dishes. A meal in this restaurant would remove preconceptions about Indian cuisine, such as having either hot chili base curries or mild and creamy dishes. The menu of this restaurant includes Butter Chicken, Kormas and Tandoori Chicken, all of which are mouthwatering and fulfilling. The cuisine in this palace is of Southern influence, with Vindaloo and Madras cuisines as primary inspirations. There is also a children’s menu, a dairy and gluten free menus for those with particular meal limitations.

Bobby Castro is the online editor at the NRI community, where he has published a number of articles about NRI Indians living in New Zealand and many other topics.