Important Points On The Pandemic Flu And Insurance Policies

Subjecting foreign visitors to massive quarantines, mounting infections, and various government alerts. Nothing good has happened since the dawn of the dreaded H1N1 or swine flu. Because of this, travelers are always worrying about being able to protect themselves from this particular viral infection epidemic. First and foremost, travelers should take the usual health precautions but they should also consider getting travel insurance.

Sometimes, there are situations that cannot be covered. H1N1 was declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization and what this led to was the halting of coverage for H1N1 by a lot of big trip insurance providers based from the comments of the executive vice president of an online comparison site based in Warwick, RI. Now it appears that those providers have finally reconsidered. When it comes to the pandemic exclusion for H1N1, he said that he does not know of any big trip insurers that is still reinforcing this.

What is provided below is a Question and Answer portion with regard to the latest general industry practices on H1N1. Considered here are bundled policies wherein there is coverage provided for any expenses rooting from trip cancellation and interruption not to mention medical care and other situations. The inquiry being made with the first question is that can any nonrefundable deposits be reimbursed of a trip is cancelled before a person leaves if the person, a traveling companion, or a family member contracts H1N1. Considering that you are able to provide a documentation of the illness then you may get your money back.

When it comes to the next question, it is with regard to cancelling a trip because you are afraid to get swine flu or even be quarantined in your destination country. For this situation, a no is what you will get. In terms of insurance companies and the standard policies they offer, these are ideal for insuring unforeseen events and not a state of mind. What can be done at times is insuring a state of mind and this is possible if you agree to pay extra for a cancel for any reason rider and have the additional option applied to your standard policy.

In terms of how it works, here is how. You might incur losses when you cancel a trip and if this happens and your reasons include illnesses or job loss then a standard policy will be able to cover you. A cancel for any reason rider expands the list to just about any cause. Due to the rider boosting the premium, there is a trade off in this situation where it can go to about 4 percent to 8 percent of the trip’s cost with them only paying you less than 100 percent of the losses you incur for reasons outside the standard policy. It is also possible for you to inquire about warnings and advises being issued by a US government agency when it comes to the dangers you might be exposed to when visiting certain countries. For instance, the US State Department issued a travel alert saying it had received thousands of reports of American visitors being quarantined by China for suspected H1N1 infection.

From the Center for Disease Control and Prevention came about the information that should the virus be contracted by women, the elderly and some other family members at high risk, or a pregnant companion then will you be reimbursed for your nonrefundable deposits. The answer here is generally no. According to the executive of the company, when it comes to trip cancellations a government warning will not count as a valid reason.