Ideal Gift For Twins


Even with today’s economy, people are still having babies, and in some cases twins. In such a case, when the baby shower invitation arrives or its time to visit the new arrivals, one wonders what gift can I bring that will be for two, will be practical yet unique, and will be affordable? One solution is to buy a baby gift basket for twins.

These unique baby gift baskets are filled with goodies for both babies for the price of one. New mothers love to dress twins alike whether they are of the same sex or a boy/girl combination. These baskets contain very cute oneies that match. You can pick and choose the size and the colors. In some cases, you can even have them personalized with the baby’s initials. These baskets may also have soft fluffy animals for the newborn or toys for the carriage or stroller. Burping cloths are also included and what mom can’t use them. Another item that can be included in a baby gift basket for twins that’s both practical and fun is a baby print maker. With this gift the parents can make a print of the baby’s foot or hand. What a wonderful keepsake that will make.

Add some Burt Bee’s luxuries such as baby buttermilk lotions, baby bee shampoo bar, apricot baby oil, and diaper ointment and you have a special gift for the newborns. And then there’s the basket itself. This can be used for decorating the nursery, or for storage. Every parent appreciates baskets for “stuff” to help keep organized. And with twins you definitely need to be organized.

A gift basket for twins satisfies everyone. The parents are happy because it is a thoughtful and useful gift, the giver because it is unique and not the run of the mill everyday gift. The other wonderful thing is that they come in various price ranges to suit your pocket book. So when faced with having to give a gift for twins, think of a twins baby gift basket. I promise that you will be happy with your choice.