How to Stop a Yeast Infection Permanently – Home Remedies Made Me End My Chronic Candida Permanently


While it is true that most women have a vaginal yeast infection at least once in their lives, more than half of these are non-recurring Candida which means that it’s no big problem. But for the rest of us who have recurring Candida, it might seem impossible to stop a yeast infection permanently. This was the case with me. Every time it came back, it was a little harder to get rid of it; until the last time which I was totally unable to stop the infection. So a yeast infection should be cured as soon as possible!

Because I had Candida at every stage in my life; I have visited maybe tens of different doctors for a permanent cure. Nearly all of the doctors ended up prescribing me drugs (involving Fluconazole mostly) to stop my yeast infection. But unfortunately, all they did was somehow suppress the symptoms for a limited period of time, after which the infection would inevitably reappear. In fact, surveys are with me on this; most women find prescribed drugs “far from satisfying”. In addition, because it’s a systemic treatment, those drugs can have serious side effects.

But then I came across some home remedies for yeast infection. Of course I was very skeptic because I never thought simple home remedies could cure something doctors couldn’t. But I gave it a go anyway because at that stage my candida wasn’t going away and I was very desperate.

What a difference that made! All my symptoms went away literally in one week, and NEVER returned.  In fact, I have been symptom free for at least one year now! Aside from being unbelievably effective, home remedies cost next to nothing and they are ultra safe because they are made with everyday household ingredients such as garlic or yogurt. If you want to stop a yeast infection permanently, you should definitely give home remedies a try!