How to Rate Your Local Car Wash


Not every car wash is created equally. Some car washes are totally mechanized, and others are completely hand wash, while still others range everything in between. So how does one rate a carwash? Often local cities have the best car washes listed in their newspapers, as voted upon by the citizens. But how to the citizen rate the local carwashes and how can they know which one is best? Obviously, a carwash consumer is interested in several things such as;

Customer Service

When a customer pulls into a carwash and talks to the service writer they expect the person to be polite, explain the services, and what they get with which every package of carwash option, and typically they do not want to be up-sold into something they don’t want, they want to choose. They do not want the service writer to talk in a condescending way, and they wish to make sure that they explain everything in simple terms.

Quality of Wash

The quality of the wash is very important especially if you own a black or dark colored car, truck, or SUV, as you don’t want any water spots. If you own an SUV often, water hides in the cracks and when you drive away it blows out all over the side making it water spotted. A quality carwash will have blown all the leftover water off the car and it will be properly dried including the tires and rims. There should never be any window streaks when you are completed. This is what consumers mean when they talk about the quality of the wash.

Time Spent Waiting in Line and For Your Car to Be Completed

One of the most important things to the consumers of carwash services is the amount of time it takes to get into the car wash, have your car washed and dried off. No one wants to wait in a long line to get their car washed and no one wants to wait too long after their car has been washed and after they’ve already been paid to get in it and drive away. Folks often complain about the amount of time they spent carwash.

These are the concerns of the average carwash customer and this is what they use to rate their local carwash. I sure hope you will consider all this when choosing your favorite carwash. And if you get any more lousy washes, pick up the phone and complain to the BBB.