How To Prevent The Bad Breath?

{flickr|100|campaign} Many people around the world complain from the presence of a mouth disease. The interesting fact about this is the percentage showing that 99% of the mankind suffer form teeth decay, from which, 80% have suffered from bad breath. At a first look, the bad breath cannot threat anyone, but after assembling information about it, you must be cautious about it. This is one quite crafty illness, which can become part of our normal and ordinary life after many reasons. One of them is the not so hygienic manner of supporting your teeth as well as the common hygiene is neglected. Another way to become victim of this little and nasty germ is the polluted air. The food, which we eat also contains the bacterium evoking the bad breath.

The problem with the bad breath derives from its further influence over our mouth, or more specifically, our teeth. After some time, the bacterium begins to form a plaque, which is the main problem, and after that, we get cavities. The plaque starts one process, which is quite dangerous for our teeth, and as a consequence we can even lose a tooth. Firstly, this sticky and thick fluid goes where the food is stuck on the teeth and the microbes inside the plaque start to feed. Consequently, the germs leave acid that starts to ruin and erode the enamel, which protects our teeth to be exposed to the harmful environment. Afterwards, in the damaged tooth is formed a cavity, which is consisted of decayed material. In this phase, we start feeling unpleasant pains and toothaches, which lead to difficulties in eating. Therefore, this is what the foul breath can lead to.

Hence, the best way to avoid these above-mentioned problems is to prevent their origin, the halitosis. One of the most common methods of removing the possibility of having bad breath is the schedule made with the aim to be strict with the visitations to the dental cabinet and often brushing of the teeth. Once we are hooked on it, we will be able to reduce to minimum the chances of future presence of bad breath. In the dental cabinet you can be examined for that kind of problems, which are not obligated to be connected with the bad breath only, hence the orthodontist can give implicit guidance on how to manage with them. When brushing the teeth, we have to make this with circle movements gently and cautiously. This is necessary in order to achieve complete cleaning of teeth. Moreover, we must brush even the gums and the tongue, but in this activity, we have to be more careful.