How to Lose Weight After Having a Cesarean (C-Section) or After Pregnancy


Have you been searching long and hard on how to lose weight after having a C-section or after pregnancy? This may be your last stop and final answer to your problem. I know how you feel because my wife and I have four kids, and she has had four C-sections to prove it.

In this article, I am growing to give you the keys to weight loss success after surgery. 
Before you begin your journey of weight loss, contact your primary doctor to let them know you are ready to get fit and lose the baby fat. You need approximately 8 weeks to heal from your C-section incision before starting any exercise regime. This is to make sure no harm is done to your internal organs.

Most women are convinced that after having a baby, there is no way to get that firm stomach they’ve always wanted, and get the body back they used to have. This is all a myth and I am here to tell you that it is very possible to get in shape and achieve that top model body after giving birth.

Body Shapers

After birth, your body tends to go through changes that are beyond your grasp. Although a new baby is a beautiful addition to the family, the after-body can be discouraging. Most women develop a lot of stretch marks and soft fat (adipose tissue) in the abdomen area after giving birth. Adipose tissue or brown fat is the worst type of fat the body can carry, thus leaving your body out of proportion.

Body shapers are on the rise and they are helping women achieve that bottle shape even after having a C-section. Body shapers are designed to help distribute the adipose tissue out of the body mainly through the urine, and they are supposed to give you a sudden lift in your breast, buttocks, etc. The right body shaper will help get rid of those unwanted pounds in no time.

Cut Calories in Half

While you were carrying another person in your womb, you had to eat for two people. Now that you have had your baby, it time to cut back on the calorie intake. Usually, a 1500 calorie diet will give you enough maintenance to maintain and/or lose the weight you want.

Always remember, weight loss is nothing more than creating a deficit in the amount of calories you eat and the amount you burn. Also, if you want to burn more calories on a daily basis, try breast feeding as this can help you burn in excess of up to 500 calories per session.

Focus on Core Exercise

A great way to start losing weight after a C-section or after pregnancy is to focus on core exercises. Taking a 30 minute walk on a daily basis, getting involved in pilates, and swimming are all exercises that will not only help you strengthen your core muscles, but will help you dispose of the soft fat around your tummy area, which will give you more opportunity to see your six pack develop.