How to Handle Virtual Crimes in the Real World

The resources and facilities of the virtual world have brought incredible changes to the real world. On one hand it has resulted in advancement in all respects, on the other hand it has provided a safe haven for criminals to put vicious plans into action. As technology has advanced, criminals have started exploiting the same technology to unleash new breeds of crime in the virtual world.

Older methods like spamming, phishing and generating and distributing malware are no longer the favorites of cybercriminals. They are now venturing into more sophisticated and advanced techniques that most enterprises and organizations might not even be aware of. Some new techniques employed by cybercriminals include the use of botnets (malicious software) for specialized phishing and tabnapping. Tabnapping is a new cyber tactic used by criminals to deceive people into divulging their passwords by changing already open browser tabs.

In such a scenario, enterprises and organizations need to implement effective security measures to protect their critical information from cyber criminals. However, at the pace that cyber crime is progressing, technology sometimes lacks the prowess to curb these criminal activities. Thus, these crimes committed in the virtual world are producing irreparable damages in the real world.

The Legal Recourse to Virtual Crimes

Today enterprises are seeing a subsequent rise in cyber attacks from both outsiders and insiders. And when technology fails to curb these attacks, the only option left is to take a legal course of action. However, this alone won’t guarantee a win because creating a watertight case is essential. For creating a watertight case, digital evidence needs to be processed accurately.


IT and Information Security teams in every enterprise and corporation are struggling to meet the deadlines of corporate investigations as the amount of data that needs to be analyzed continues to grow. Moreover, current technologies and tools that use simple keyword search techniques provide little solace in managing the heavy workload. This makes the corporate investigation process arduous and time-consuming since it involves lot of rework. The result of this is heavy expenses and financial exposure.

To carry out successful corporate investigations, what is required is a good ediscovery solution that takes much less time to analyze electronically stored information but at the same time produces accurate results.

How to Identify Good ediscovery Software

There are certain features that a good ediscovery solution must possess to ensure successful digital investigations. Let’s look at some of them:

· Ability to collect data from diverse data sources in a sound manner

· Ability to carry out automated analysis to wrap up investigations faster

· Ability to reduce manual review of insignificant data

· Ability to produce accurate results

· Ability to sort through millions of files and documents quickly

The availability of such ediscovery software helps lawyers and investigators to quickly identify both evidence and suspects.