How to Get Holiday Park Discounts

How to Get Holiday Park Discounts

The holidays are the best time when you can take out your family to enjoy the break from work and school. For one, you can go to a holiday park in the UK and take a leisurely vacation away from home. This should help your entire family power up for long days at work and in school ahead of you. The good thing is that holiday parks can offer you entertainment, good facilities, and great scenery. You can choose from parks in coastal or land areas. However, you might also be concerned about the cost of your vacation. This is every vacationing family’s worry though. You are not alone in taking stock of everything that your money has to be spent for aside from a vacation. However, shopping around several holiday parks is one way to help you find a more affordable park vacation. What is important here is for you to be patient in doing your research. There are many other ways through which you can find holiday park discounts and still enjoy your vacation.

Newspaper Ads
Some theme parks advertise their special offers during the holiday in newspapers. This usually happens for New Year holidays where plenty of bargains are offered. It would be a good idea to keep reading the papers for ads about New Year holiday park discounts. Usually, parks will ask you to send tokens for your entries along with a request for what holiday dates you would like to go. The sooner you can start sending entries, the more chances you can have of picking your holiday on the dates that you really want. Popular dates, such as weekends, would be easily filled out. Get your entire family involved in searching for these discounts to make them appreciate your vacation later.

Online Competitions
Check out the websites of the holiday parks that you are eyeing. You might get to join promos after simply signing up for a newsletter or brochure and answering some questions. Many other people who are eager to win a free holiday would surely be joining, which might reduce the odds of winning. However, you will not get any chance at winning if you don’t join the promo in the first place.

Discount Codes
These are usually found in travel websites that are associated with holiday parks. They usually offer discounts for specific parks, for a month or days of the year and for a certain period of time. This needs thorough research in websites online.

Off-season Discounts
If you happen to have kids who are not yet in school, you can certainly take advantage of this kind of offers. Many theme parks offer off-peak discounts to families and other theme park visitors. While your children are young without school to complicate their schedules, take advantage of it.

Self-catered Accommodation
The cost of your accommodation is possibly the biggest chunk in your holiday. To save money, you can bring your own caravan or tent and just camp out in holiday parks. This way, you will still be able to use their facilities.