How To Deter Vandals

Vandals abound everywhere in the form of humans, and animals. In big cities however, vandals are more of human than animals as there are very few animals roaming the streets. Vandalism is a pretty common phenomenon. With one in two houses being vandalized using graffiti sprays, breaking down fences, arson, kicking doors down, breaking windows, slashing tyres, scratching car body parts; the examples go on and on.

When your car tyre is repeatedly slashed or the window in your home is broken, this can become frustrating and annoying, not to mention the cost of repairs carried out.
When this happens, you should start thinking of ways to deter the vandals. Here are a few tips to help guide you.

1. Get an Attack Dog

Most times, vandals and burglars tend have to step on the property before they can do anything. The presence of an attack dog however, can quickly become a deterrent to most of these kids as they fear dogs. Train the dog to chase and catch vandals without hurting them. Some people argue that some vandals have their way with dogs and can entice them, or shoot them with tranquilizers. While this is true, it should be noted that most vandals are usually teenage kids who think of vandalism as some ego trip or fun in a twisted way.

2. Install Alarms and Perimeter Security

A second and more effective means of vandalism is by installing alarms, floodlights and wire trips that will silently alert the necessary authorities or the home owner around the property, and turn on the floodlights when someone trespasses. This particular method is quite effective. The alarms can be silent ones or very loud ones that alert the neighbourhood of some potential break-in. Motion detectors may also be set around the perimeter of the property when there is no one around. This way, when someone trespasses, the home owner gets alerted.

3. Install Cameras

Cameras, be they CCTVs or the miniature cameras that can be placed anywhere these days, are very effective deterrents. Sometimes, the open CCTVs tend to discourage the vandals as they know they will be seen. Other times though, the vandals may find a way of smashing the lens. But this rarely happens unless when the vandal intentions goes beyond just destroying or defacing your home. To avoid getting the cameras smashed, you can install the smaller, hidden cameras in strategic places that will give you a birds eye view of your home and property.

4. Work with the Police and Security Firm

Security firms can install security systems that will not only alert the security firm, but also the police. In most cases, security firms often work with the police and will notify them of any act of vandalism occurring or about to happen on a property. This has been proven effective over time, and most importantly, vandals have been caught right before they committed the act or while they were getting away.

There are many more ways to deter and stop vandals. However, starting with these is a right step in the right direction.

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