How to Define Your Philosophy

This aim of this post is to quantify what exactly makes the biggest difference to our own better business or personal futures and I believe this can be defined as our philosophy. Our philosophy is defined as the way that we choose to see the world.

What ever our philosophy is will determine how we choose to view the current global economic conditions. How we might choose to treat our staff or pursue new business. It will directly inform all the choices that we make throughout every working day of our entire lives.

We either deliberately choose our philosophy or it is chosen for us by default. The word “choose” is important in the previous sentences as we are making a choice when we look at our world in either a positive of a negative light.

Events in our lives are colourless but it is our personal philosophy that overlays tone and meaning to our experiences. The concept of a personal philosophy that shapes our better future is no new thing and the concept has been around for hundreds even thousands of years and is just been getting packaged differently.

Readers of Abraham Maslow will call it being a self-actualizing human being. Scholars of NLP will know it as “paradigm” where “the map is not the territory”.

However, you don’t have to have studied these great men to understand and eventually benefit from the significance of this concept. Our own personal philosophy is the way in which we choose to see the world. Again I use the word “choose” to stress that it is our own selection that shapes how we perceive the goings on of our daily lives.

Circumstances are not the way we see them. Circumstances are as we think we see them. Our own personal interpretation is prejudiced and can significantly impair our judgment be it in business or personal dealings.

We have all had days when things seemed to not be going very well, when any piece of disappointing news would nearly bring us to our knees. We also have all had days in which we felt bullet proof. When problems presented themselves and we dispatched them as soon as they arrived.

The problems and challenges that are appearing in our lives at that moment merely appear and wait for our own personal philosophy to step in and label them either good or bad.

The interesting thing about this is that when we are having a bad day nothing seems to go right. This is because our internal filters search for events that will corroborate that we are having a bad day and disregard those that point to the contrary.

Conversely we have all had the days in which everything goes amazingly all day. These good days were not any different in terms of content to the bad days we just chose to take notice of only the good and filter out the bad.

In this scenario we have the tendency to see only what we want to and quietly disregard points to the contrary. In this respect the human ego is keen to notice only that which validates its opinion.

This is both a help and a hindrance. I’m sure you are wondering if the personal philosophy is such a volatile quantity then why have we been given it. The answer to this is that it serves among many other things as our own internal moral compass. It defines what you will deem acceptable in terms of behaviour and performance. It will let you create your own definition of what is right and wrong.

All human beings are very similar in terms of our physiology rather like the basic hardware of a computer. But it is our philosophy or in the case of this example, the software that ultimately determines how the hardware operates.

People who engage in antisocial activities have no true physiological differences to those law abiding citizens. It’s just that their software has been corrupted or wasn’t installed correctly in the first place.

By corrupted I mean they might have had negative social associations for many years that have shaped their philosophy. By corrupted I mean that they might have suffered a catastrophic life event that they have never recovered from. This could be the death of a loved one to a redundancy.

In this respect your personal philosophy has a very unique quality in that it can be learned. Meaning that the operating systems you’ve got installed now in your mental computer can be modified and amended and even completely re-written if you so desire it and the prospect of this is very exciting.

So armed with this new information and this new positive and inspiring way of looking at the world. Cut a swath through the trials and tribulations of your days and drive yourself hard towards your own better future.