How to Choose Your Own Political Candidate

In our world today, information is everywhere. It seems that everywhere you turn, there is a news story coming at you via the papers, internet, or television. This year we are electing a new president to take office in our white house. This election is extremely important because we are not electing an incumbent president or vice president. The team that we elect will be completely new and different for the first time in decades. Why is this important? Mostly because our decisions will be more important in this election. The country will have a completely new leadership team in place and we must vote carefully to ensure that the new team will create the change we want and not the change we fear. So here are a few tips to help you decide for yourself which candidate is the best.

1. Search for information on the politicians you have to choose. There are many websites out there devoted to providing a non partisan based profile of information to help you decide. These websites stick to facts only and ignore any propaganda developed by the media or other candidates.

2. Don’t believe everything you hear at first. Just because the news people on TV say one thing, doesn’t mean it is true or even false. Often times the media will seek out keywords and phrases from thousands of speeches and appearances in order to find and exploit the phrase they want to make the story they have already thought of and written.

3. Be proactive in politics. Get involved with your local community organizations. Listen to the debates going on around you and weigh both sides of the argument for your personal decision. Remember that everyone has their own opinions and none of them are right or wrong, it is simply an opinion.

4. Don’t be afraid to change your opinion. It is ok to change your opinion on issues. One good way to evaluate your own opinions is to debate with yourself or friends. By taking an objective stance, you might poke too many holes in your current theory and need to revise it. This is done all the time by professional writers, politicians, and scholars. Remember that deciding who to vote for is a learning process and until you are comfortable with your opinions, and have heard all the arguments, you are undecided.

Engaging in politics should be a fun experience that broadens your mind and allows you to become a better citizen. Don’t be afraid to be proven wrong about something, this only means you need more research, or should modify your thought in order to make it stronger. This process is important for every American to participate in. So get out there, do some research and decide for yourself the best way to vote.