How To Be An MMA Fighter ? 3 Steps To Kick Like A Mule

Adding some massive kicks to your stand up is another area that can really make your opponent off track with their game plan. This may open many areas that you can attack. We want to show you a few ways to make your kick count.

Train legs & Your Core.

Some of the very most powerful kicks in mixed martial arts (think about Mirko Cro Cop), and you ponder how they get all that power behind their kicks. Some have absolute tree trunk legs that come from the powerful exercises used to supplement kicking power.

Your core is where your rotary power comes from and is the major factor in kick power. The core and leg power together are where the transfer of energy begins right into wherever you’re connecting on your opponent. Medicine balls a great for core power. Squats and Dead lifts are essential for leg power.

Heavy Bag.

For developing kicking power the heavy bag should become your new best friend. Training partners can only hold the pads for so long. Use the heavy bag whenever you can. Outside your club, kick the bag using every bit of your power you can.

Also keep in mind using the proper technique when performing these powerful kicks and turn it into a habit. Always picture the bag as an opponent.

Practice and Persistence.

Kick the bag everyday. Once a week is not enough to get better at kicking power. Often and hard you need to practice. This is the only way you will ever fight like a champion

Increase the number of kicks, then increase time you are kicking for, and increase the power along the way.

Really these are the beginning for becoming an incredible CroCop style kicker in MMA. A complete MMA conditioning and strength program is essential to increase agility and power in this area.

These are only the beginning to becoming a powerful kicker in Mixed-martial arts. A complete MMA strength and conditioning program is necessary to be able to increase power and agility in this area. was created as a resource for the most affordable and successful MMA training programs available. You can download their now free exclusive ebook: “4 Simple Steps to Becoming a Destroyer in the cage”.