How Household Remedies Work For External Hemorrhoids


What are external hemorrhoids? External Hemorrhoids are easily detected because of its obvious symptoms. Unlike internal hemorrhoids, its symptoms are very minimal. Common symptoms of this type of hemorrhoids are discomfort and burning sensation in the anal region, with accompanied bleeding and lumps.

Experts believe that external hemorrhoids are brought about by frequent straining. Pregnancy, prolonged sitting or standing, obesity or being overweight, genetics and weak sphincter muscles are some of the contributory factors to the development of hemorrhoids.

Let us discuss how hemorrhoids are formed. Hemorrhoids are damaged veins around the sphincter muscles. It is characterized by swelling or inflammation.  Sometimes blood clots are observed due to frequent pressure in the anal area. Hemorrhoids are not fatal that is why most cases of hemorrhoids are manageable at home. On the other hand, severe cases of hemorrhoids may require surgical interventions.

Cited below are some of the home remedies for hemorrhoids:

Sitz Baths or Warm Bath

This home remedy can certainly reduce inflammation in the area. In addition, it may help soothes the pain in the area. It is very convenient. Just fill the container or basin with lukewarm water and carefully sit on the basin and emerge the affected area for a couple of minutes. Others prefer to add calendula or other herbal medicine treatment for maximum effect.

Ice Application

Ice packs are indeed refreshing. It is helpful in relieving the swelling and itching of the hemorrhoid lump. Apply the ice directly to the area. You may also apply additional herbal medicine treatments for better results.

A Cup of Tea

Yarrow tea – 2 tsp of yarrow blossoms in a boiling 1 cup of water. Leave the tea for about 20 minutes prior to drinking. Drain and drink it twice a day.

Ginger tea – this tea helps in improving your digestion which prevents constipation. You need 1 tablespoon of ginger in 1 cup of water. Boil it and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Add honey to sweeten. For favorable results, drink 1 cup of this tea every day.

Smartweed tea – boil 3 tsp of dried smartweed with 1 cup of water. Boil and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Add sugar or honey to sweeten and mint for additional flavor. Drink this tea twice a day preferable morning and in the evening.


You may try also aloe Vera, calendula, butcher’s broom, dandelion, psyllium seed and St. John’s worth oil for treating hemorrhoids.

Over the Counter Medication for Hemorrhoids

You may take a non-prescribed pain reliever, nonsteriodal anti-inflammatory that are available in the market.

Certainly, over the counter hemorrhoids creams are widely used to manage external hemorrhoids. Medicated wipes are also available which are also known as to be very easy to use and very effective.

External hemorrhoids are indeed treatable and sometimes in some cases they go away naturally without treatment. However, if bleeding occurs in bowels, you should seek medical attention to make sure that there are no other complications.