CRIME is society’s most prevalent adversary towards its peaceful existence and welfare.

An inevitable anomaly that coexisted with the society from the very first moment of human history up until today,

And a foe that could even be the end of us if we’d lack the capabilities to prevent it or at least minimize it.

We put our trust and confidence to the authorities in keeping our community peaceful and free from harm. We left everything to them to the point that we no longer take responsibilities ourselves, and as a consequence of it—we blame the Police for whatever harms that came to us as if they alone are to be blame. Now, does that sound right? This failure is not theirs alone,

IT IS OURS! And if we dream to better it, let us take part of the mission.

So how can we (ordinary citizens) help authorities?

Let us take a look at the most basic unit of society,

THE FAMILY– it is said that the person depends on the kind of family he has.

Meaning the Family or Home can determine the child whether he can be a Law Abiding Citizen or a Criminal someday. And this is suggested in the what we so called—-

Responsible Parenting”—being able to provide our children all they need to grow up responsibly and fearing individuals who have morals and respect for other people. Basic needs like LOVE, ATTENTION, GUIDANCE and all other standards that make them realized they are valued and cherished, consequently avoiding the tendency of them becoming Delinquents.

As a parent this would imply “always making sure where your children are, who are they with and what they are doing and being certain that they are not causing trouble to other people.

Accomplishment of these tasks provides a setting ideal to the society. Taking into account the fact that “Responsible Parents raises Future Responsible Citizens”.

INDIVIDUAL TASK– an ordinary person can help prevent crime by keeping an eye on his neighborhood; this would mean “Reporting to the Police whenever anything unusual and suspicious is going on”. This can also be done as a GROUP. Formally watching the neighborhood at night like Civilian Volunteers of which when consistently present can help minimize any unpleasant events. Additionally, this can work more effective by at the same time coordinating with the police. Thereby, creating a good relationship between civilians and the authorities.

HEALTHY COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES– community activities whether Cultural, Entertainment or Sports activities can assist keep the youngsters from getting bored and from any undesirable conducts. More importantly, such activities keep the whole neighborhood together binding them harmoniously, Seminars and Educational gatherings of good agendas are even more helpful.

And last thing which is crucially important to be elicited.

BEING EXTRA CAREFUL FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY– We have to remember that threats are everywhere. It’s just there waiting for a perfect timing to attack, so we have to keep in mind every measure that would ensure our safety.

Do not give the criminals a chance to perpetrate their intentions. – by actions such as keeping yourself vulnerable and out in the open, or walking alone in the dark places and leaving your house and valuables unattended. These invite every criminal element into your life so be responsible and develop awareness because when we get victimized, we may have been imprudent after all. Who is to be blame? Are you going to end up pointing your fingers to the Police? You yourself are as much to be condemned as them. So develop safety awareness to the rampant threat of criminality.

Take responsibility and Vigilance for the effectiveness of our fight against Crime, We ordinary Citizens can contribute a lot to our welfare. POLICE ALONE CANNOT DO IT, THEY NEED US AS MUCH AS WE NEED THEM SO LET’S WORK TOGETHER SIDE BY SIDE FOR OUR BETTER EXISTENCE.