Hood Certified DVD: Party, Sex, Drugs Crime

Hood Certified DVD: Party, Sex, Drugs Crime

PRLog (Press Release) – Aug. 20, 2007 – (Brooklyn , NY): Party, Sex, Drugs and Crime have somehow always been associated with the music industry and more recently with urban hip hop and rap music industry. Only a few actually knows what those combining elements of that lifestyle actually entails.

To be a part of those rarely publicized behind the scenes moments of the no sleep, hardworking, fast paced, money making, high spending, fun loving thrill seeking lifestyle that most popular rappers experience everyday has always been a subject of great interest to all hip hop fans of rap music. Most people fail to understand and appreciate the fact that in order to reach the top, most of our favorite hip hop rappers has had to struggle, take risks and make sacrifices in order to make their dreams of being in the hip hop / rap music industry a reality.

Well, the wait is over. Roc Cayard, the Executive Producer of the popular urban hip hop / rap music series Hood Certified DVD is bringing you his latest work, Hood Certified DVD: Party, Sex, Drugs & Crime. This documentary brings you behind the scenes, up close and personal with some of today’s major hip hop and rap music talents. In this documentary you will get to fly down first class to Miami South Beach to party, pop bottles and truly hang out with hip hop culture celebrities such as rap artists Fabolous, Young Jeezy, Rich Boy, Busta Rhymes, PDiddy protege Jadakiss, NBA star Carmelo Anthony and many many other notables of the hip hop culture.

Also hang out on stage with Jay Z’s favorite rapper Young Jeezy as he performs for a hungry crowd. Also join southern rapper Lil Boosie as he performs 3 of his most popular songs such as Zoom and Wipe Me Down off his multi platinum-selling album.

If you still have energy left, then join Roc Cayard and the Hood Certified DVD series team on an interstate drive to Chicago’s infamous South Side with platinum selling rap artist The Game’s Black Wallstreets Records associate JoJo Capone, as he gives you a lesson on gang history, its foundation and its original purpose in our community. Fly back to New York, because you are invited in the recording studio with Dr.Dre’s Aftermath Records artist Joell Ortiz. He talks to you about his persistence, the struggles and sacrifices that he had to make in order to use his rap talents in order to secure his personal family’s future.

Roc Cayard’s Hood Certified DVD is known to feature extremely edgy contents that you would never see anywhere else. Hood Certified DVD: Party, Sex, Drugs & Crime definitely lives up to that expectation by personally bringing you on to what he calls a “movie set” of a drug warehouse in the Midwest. Yeah. Just don’t expect to see it at Blockbusters anytime soon.

To watch the 3 Minute trailer footage of the edgy rap music documentary, Hood Certified DVD: Party, Sex, Drugs & Crime, visit WWW.MYSPACE.COM/HOODCERTIFIEDDVD and see why The Hood Certified DVD series is one of MySpace’s most popular urban rap music documentary pages with well over half a million visitors.