Home Remedies To Comfort A Crying Baby

.tags Babies cry to let you know that they are in need of your help and to signal that everything is not right. There could be many reasons for the discomfort of the baby. The kid could be hungry, or feeling hot or cold or it could be due to your baby’s temperament. However, if the babies cry regularly for more than three hours a day or more, they could be colic. Digestive problems, sensitivity to light or sound or temperament could be some of the reasons for this.

Luckily, there are many home remedies that could bring solace to a crying baby. Set the baby in motion to calm a colicky baby. Rock her on a chair or take her out on her stroller or you can put the baby on your shoulder, gently tapping her back or softly humming to her as you hold her.

Adopting a holistic life style and including natural and wholesome food stuffs would make your child healthy and happy. Choose a fiber rich diet for your child to make sure of a smooth digestive process. Gripe water is an age-old remedy for colic as it relives stomach pain and other discomforts quickly. It is available in all drug stores and can also be made at home. These formulas also include many ingredients like ginger, dell, or fennel that can settle the stomach and help in relaxing cramped muscles.

Cuddle and comfort the baby as this would make it relaxed and reassured. Studies have shown that babies cried less in those cases where the mothers kept a close physical contact with the baby. Loud noises, bright lights or unfamiliar places might make the babies anxious and colicky and the mother’s reassuring touch can make the babies calm and composed.

The child’s health influences the emotions of the baby to a large extent and only a healthy baby can always be happy. So make sure that the baby is fed at correct intervals. Make sure that she is comfortable by changing the wet nappies regularly and dressing up to suit the seasons. Just because your baby cries a bit more than the others, does not mean that it is sick or abnormal. It could well be its temperament. If you still feel that something is amiss, you should have a word with your physician.