Home Remedies For Resistant Yeast Infections That Work


If you are one of those unfortunate enough to have deal with a resistant yeast infection, you should know there is hope for you. The trick is targeting and addressing the root cause of the infection and taking the appropriate steps that ensure the current infection goes away and stays away for good. Home remedies for resistant yeast infections are the best choice for making this a reality.

A yeast infection can basically be defined as an overgrowth of the fungus known as Candida albicans. This yeast is present in everyone’s body, and at normal levels poses no problem. When the natural healthy balance of the body becomes disrupted, Candida can grow out of control causing the painful itching, burning, and swelling too many women know all too well.

A good environment for a yeast infection to develop is one that is moist, warm, and lacks oxygen. Another factor is a system with an excess of sugar in it.

A good place to start in dealing with this condition is applying plain yogurt or tea tree oil to the affected areas. You can also use garlic as a natural suppository. While doing this, there are some home remedies for resistant yeast infection you apply at the same time.

Because Candida thrives in a warm and moist environment, you should try to wear loose clothing. Clothes and underwear made of breathable material such as cotton will provide ventilation to the area. You should also consider going without underwear entirely when appropriate.

You’ll also want to consider avoiding scented and perfumed feminine products. Douches, body sprays, tampons, and sanitary pads can encourage the onset of a Candida infection or make a current one worse. A better method involves cleaning the vaginal area with water and plain, mild soap. You should also use menstrual products that are free of perfumes and chemicals.

The next thing you can do is to examine your diet. Certain foods actually help a yeast infection develop and grow. Such foods include caffeine, alcohol, junk foods, sugar, wheat products, diary products, margarine, and processed foods. Make sure to read your food labels carefully. Wheat happens to be a very common component of many foods. The same holds true for dairy products.

If it makes things easier, try to take one food on the above list out of your diet at a time. This will help you to determine which food is actually a trigger for you.

Make sure a condom is used if you decide to have sexual intercourse while suffering a yeast infection. Candida infections are easily transferable.

If you implement these simple home remedies for resistant yeast infections in conjunction with each other, the overall effect will be that much more successful. Not only will quickly get rid of current infection, but you’ll also create an environment in your body that inhibits the growth of the yeast that causes your recurrent Candida infections.

So, apply the yogurt, tea tree oil, slipper elm bark, and honey to the affected areas. Let those products do their thing. Just make sure that you are adjusting certain parts of your lifestyle that are actually encouraging your infections to come back time and again.