Home Remedies For Pet UTI (Urinary Tract Infection)


For most of us our pets are part of the family. When they get sick we feel terrible and will do whatever it takes to help them get. According to a 2006 study urinary tract infections were the number one cause of pet illness. In this informational article titled “Home Remedies for Pet UTI” we will briefly cover the common symptom of pet urinary tract infection along with a list of home remedies which could prove helpful in eliminating the condition.
First it is important to be aware that occasionally pet urinary tract infections show no symptoms at all. In these cases a veterinary visit will be your best defense against avoiding a potentially serious problem down the road. For the vast majority of cases a number of obvious signs will be obvious:
*Pain during urination
*Excessive water consumption
*Irregularities in litter box or voiding habits
*Blood in urine often near the end of the stream
*Inability to urinate (requires immediate medical attention)
*Changes in attitude and demeanor (isolationism or anger)
So I have determined my pet is likely to have a UTI what next?
If possible you might consider taking a sample of your pet’s urine to the veterinary clinic for a urinalysis profile. This will help determine the severity of the condition.
Home Remedies for Pet UTI
There are numerous home remedies for pet UTI circulating these days. Some have proven to be effective while others have not. Let’s take a look at some of the home remedies seem that have shown the best results.
*Flush the system: Excessive bacteria needs to be flush from the bladder and urinary tract. Over hydration leading to excessive urination is a good place to start for your home remedy program.
*Keep your pet clean: Bacteria gains entry through the urethra so if you suspect a mild UTI is lurking you should do everything possible to avoid further or additional infection.
*Citrus juices: Urine acidity is the enemy of bacteria. While pets may not love the taste, UTI causing bacteria will hate it even worse.
*Apple Cider Vinegar: This is perhaps the most popular of the home remedies for pet UTI. Apple cider vinegar neutralizes the bacteria in the urine, and can prove beneficial in easing your animal’s discomfort. Results of apple cider vinegar therapy seem unpredictable; some pet owners swear by it while others claim not to have seen any benefit at all.
*Vitamin C Supplementation: Vitamin C supports immune system function and is a natural anti inflammatory agent. On the downside it may induce diarrhea so be prepared.
Additionally, many pet owners are implementing homeopathic remedies for pet urinary tract infection both as a supplemental and/or stand alone treatment.  Homeopathic remedies for pet UTI are very effective in promoting general urinary tract health and are a safe and effective option worth considering.