Home Remedies For Insects Bites, Stings and Eczema


Health Tip #1: How To Prevent Insect Bites With Vitamin B1

We all know that a mosquito bite is always more than just an itchy nuisance…simply because it could also mean transmission of the nasty West Nile virus. Of course you can spray yourself all over with chemicals…Or you can try this old hunter’s trick provided by Lou Schlachter. Ph.D., R.N., former dean at the University of North Carolina who currently teaches herbal ad folk medicine at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Lou recommends taking 100 milligrams of vitamin B1 or Brewers Yeast every day to prevent bites from mosquitoes, chiggers, ticks, and deer flies. The benefits kick in after a week of taking the vitamin B1 or brewer’s yeast, and continue as long as you keep taking the vitamin. Try some vitamin B1 therapy to prevent insect bites for you and your family.

Health Tip #2: Natural Eczema Home Remedy

You can cure eczema rashes with this simple home remedy. Instead of steroid creams, simply coat or apply Crisco or any other similar product and wrap with a plastic wrap. Not only will the rash disappear, but so will the itchiness! Try this simple home remedy for eczema. I am sure you will pass on this tip to your doctor too!

Health Tip #3: How To Soothe Stings – Home Remedy

Did you know that you can now enjoy your summer vacation without worrying about bee stings or jellyfish stings. All you need to take with you is a spray bottle filled with vinegar and a small container of baking soda. If you get stung, first just spray the vinegar, and if the sting persists apply a paste of baking soda over it.

If the stinger is still in the your skin, gently rub with a wet bar of soap and the stinger will come right out, according to Lou Schlachter, former dean of University of N. Carolina. Hope these simple home remedies help you out this summer!