Home Remedies For Fever Blisters

.tags Cold sores or fever blisters are small red spots that typically appear on the mouths edges and on the lips. at the onset of the disease you might notice a transparent liquid that usually after several days starts to scab. fever Blister usually appears if you are exposed to the heat of the sun, if you have undergone normal menstruation stress for women, or even after suffering from cold fever. since Blister fever is a virus there are no known cures for it, however you can use various treatment to prevent the worsening of the symptoms.

What to eat and what not to eat?

If you are suffering from this disease you must start watching the food that you eat, it is best that you avoid foods contaminated by chocolates, and other form of nuts such as whole wheat product, oatmeal, seeds, peas, grains, and other types of nuts. fever blister is followed by an itching of burning feeling in the affected area, swollen lymph nodes located close to the affected area, and fever.

Here are some home remedies for fever blister

Dab it with Aloe Vera extract. once you have experience a burning, or itching feeling anywhere near the mouth, you can rub it with aloe plant. Simply dab the aloes on the affected area, because of the healing property known to be present in an aloe vera your blister will be gone in no time.

Put dash of cornstarch on the blisters.

Combine a drop of grapefruit extract along with an aloe vera or an olive oil and apply it on the affected area.

another great remedy for fever blister is to place an ice cube on the affected area for ten minutes to prevent the scattering of the virus.

Lemon balm extract also acts to help reduce the pain or the sore.

To make your own remedy for blister, you can mix together lomayium, burdock, oats, calendula. and echinacea for at least five times in one day to help heal the inflamed tissue, eliminates body toxins, and it eliminates viruses and bacteria to prevent the disease forms cattering.

Mint will also help quickly heal the fever blister.

You can also use at least 3 glasses of sage tea and just a very small amount of ginger, you may use this as long as you want.

Get a tea bag and place it in a bowl full of boiling water and then damp it to your blister, with constant use of this strategy your fever blister will be completely eliminated.

Have a moisturizing cream to stop your lips to stay dried out. This will help from blistering and cracking.

Essential oil made by Saint John Wort is also another remedy for fever blisters symptoms it helps lessen the pain while quickening the onset of the disease.

You can also apply wich hazel cream directly on the blisters.
a salt may also be used to quicken the healing of your fever blister, all you need to do is to moisten you finger and then dab it into an ordinary salt and repeat for two to three days.