Home Remedies Can Cure Hangover

.tags Hangover refers to the after-effects of consuming excessive alcohol. Also known as veisalgia, hangover occurs in almost all the people who drink large amounts of alcohol. It is generally seen that people do not exercise self-control when they start drinking alcohol, which results in hangover the next day. While, for regular drinkers, it might be a natural phenomenon, the first timers or occasional drinkers face a lot of trouble from it. Drinking too much alcohol or drinking it too fast is the primary cause of hangover.

Modern cultures still have diverse beliefs about effective hangover treatment. Russians simply sweat it out in the sauna. Germans eat a mixture of herring, pickles, and goulash. Many Americans used to create a stomach clenching drink made of tomato juice and a raw egg. Today Americans are more often turning to hangover helpers that come in pill form.

These modern methods for hangover treatment and its painful symptoms contain natural pain killers, like willow bark or feverfew. Taking over the counter pain killers is a terrible idea when dealing with a hangover headache. Aspirin and ibuprofen can really do a number on the stomach, and acetaminophen for a hangover can cause irreversible liver damage.

Today’s hangover cures also contain other ingredients like B vitamins, vitamin C, and even activated charcoal. The vitamins help to give the body a boost and help the liver with the strenuous job of filtering alcohol out of the body. Activated charcoal helps absorb toxins.

Luckily, modern party merry makers don’t have to choke down eels, pickled eyes, or raw eggs. A hangover treatment often awaits in the form of a convenient, easy to swallow pill. It’s nothing like what they do in ancient times. Do check out some of my recommendations for the best hangover treatment and helpers I have discovered for myself on the market today. I don’t have to wake up after a good night out feeling miserable anymore.

Some Home Remedies can Cure Hangover:

Drink Lots of Water Consume lots of water before going to bed and even after waking up. It fights with dehydration. Drink 10-12 glasses of water every day.

Eat Something before Drinking Do not consume alcohol on an empty stomach. Eat something with and after drink. It reduces the alcohol entry rate in the body. Try to eat starch filled foods with or after drinking. These foods help in slowing down the absorption of alcohol.

Bananas Bananas are very helpful in refilling your body with the potassium that you drained off while vomiting. Eat 1-2 bananas at a time.

Vitamin C tablets These tablets break down the alcohol substances in the body. Take 2 Vitamin C tablets at a time if you feeling dizzy. You can even take Vitamin C rich fruits to treat hangover.

Find powerful herbal remedies

Ginger Tea – Ginger tea is a herbal home remedy to cure hangover. Boil a cup of water with some slices of fresh ginger root. Add half lemon and 2 tablespoons of honey. Strain and drink. It is very effective in healing the after effects of hangover.

Sports Drinks These drinks give instant energy to the body. Have these drinks to maintain the fluid and glucose level in the body.

Apple/ orange Juice Juices are very effective in fighting the after effects of hangover. They maintain the fluid as well as glucose level in the body. Avoid orange juice if your stomach is upset. Take Apple juice instead.

Lime Juice Take a glass of water and add juice of a lemon to it. This drink is known to be most effective in treating dizziness. One of the simple home remedies for hangover.

Black Coffee Black coffee (without sugar) is very effective remedy to treat the after effects of hangover. You can add some lime juice to it also.