Hillary Clinton’s Gnostic Village

“Our mission is to change what it means to be a human being.”
Hillary Clinton, June 1993, Texas State University

This statement encapsulates the foundation of the Gnostic Enterprise. I have written previously concerning the fatal flaw in Liberal philosophy that has lead to much of the deterioration we see manifesting in our society. As I stated before, most people do not associate Liberal philosophy with Gnosticism, thinking that this term refers to some of the early Christian sects, and the Puritans in early America.

In short, Gnosticism is a type of thinking that claims absolute cognitive mastery of reality. As a religious movement, it has manifested as transcendentalism, as in the case of early Christian sects and the Puritans. This is where man claims to have ascended to the throne of God.

The type of Gnosticism that I refer to when I speak of Postmodern Liberalism is an immanentizing form, in which man has dethroned god and now declares man as god. The foundation of this school lies in Marxism. The outcome of this thinking is a Hillary Village where no child is left alive.

I feel this is an important topic, because so often we get caught up in this or that micro policy or event, without looking at the deeper philosophy that gives birth to the micro-world. I am focusing on Hillary’s statement because it is the underlying belief that gives rise to all of her, and Liberals’ in general, policies that they wish to implement onto society. If the foundation can be shown to be flawed, all that is built upon it will collapse.

What does it mean to be human? Does man have the power to change this meaning? If he does, should he?

To be human is to seek meaning. This is what separates man from the beast of the field and the fowl of the air. Man is the political animal in that man seeks purpose, meaning and goodness. History is far more that a trail of events that have occurred along the path of time. History at its deepest level is the unfolding of man’s search for meaning.

Modern Gnosticism believes in what is known as historicism, where man has “progressed” morally through the stages of history. This idea culminated in Hitler’s Third Reich, or the third and final stage of humanity. It was born from the pages of Nietzsche’s Eco Homo, or Behold the Man; his Gay Scientist, where he proudly proclaimed that God was dead; and his Twilight of the Idols and The Anti Christ, his philosophy with a hammer where he attempted to re-define what it was to be human through the smashing of all false Gods and all false values.

Then there was his Zarathustra:

“Verily I have taken from you a hundred formulae and your virtue’s favorite playthings; and now ye upbraid me, as children upbraid! They played by the sea – then came there a wave and swept their playthings into the deep; and now do they cry. But the same wave shall bring them new playthings, and spread before them new speckled shells! Thus will they be comforted; and like them shall ye also. My friends, have your comforting – and new speckled shells!

Thus spake Hillary Clinton

Hillary is not alone in her Gnostic vision to “re-define” what it means to be human. The history of modernity is written with the blood of the victims of this Gnostic vision.

We would be wiser to re-discover rather than attempt to re-define what it is to be human. The Gnostic enterprise is the greatest megalomania the history of mankind has ever seen. While our scientific knowledge and the unthinkable quantity of information rises up like the tower of Babel, we as humans have moved further away from ourselves.

While our material gains and modern comforts proclaim the glories of the science of man, our families are broken. Unborn fetuses have been reduced to clumps of meaningless cells. Man has placed himself on equal footing with the beasts.

Man is the crown of creation, ever seeking to know the unseen creator, ever hopeful and content with having to trust in the unknown. To be human is to seek meaning through communion with his creator by his gift of reason, and of grace.

Modern Gnosticism has been dedicated to the hubristic attempt to re-define what it means to be human, to overcome the uncertainties of life by attempting to create a paradise here on Earth. No matter how well intentioned some of these endeavors might have been, they hold a heavy responsibility for the disasters of the modern age.

It is time once again for man to play by the sea, the sea of wonder and hope. The Gnostic wave indeed swept humanity’s playthings into the deep, humanity then did cry. The new playthings, these new speckled shells, have not brought the promise of comfort that was claimed. For these are the speckled promises of man. I can still hear the gravediggers digging.

Nietzsche, Hitler and Hillary all share in the desire to change what it means to be human. This desire is born from the desire to escape reality, from the refusal to accept man for what he is.

To be human is to be fallible. To be human is to be finite. In between fallibility and finiteness, to be human is to suffer. Socrates once said that to be alive is to be a long time sick. Man has no power to change the nature of reality, the ground of being that lies outside the world of tangible existence. Man can, however, seek and find meaning despite all of this. That is what it means to be human.

I cannot vote for Hillary, not because she is a Democrat, or because she is a woman, or because her husband is a creep. No, my reasons are much deeper than this. I can’t vote for Hillary because she is not brave enough to accept what it is to be human.