Hemorrhoid Pain Relief – Effective Home Remedies


Hemorrhoid pain relief at home is not only possible but also very effective. Hemorrhoids are just swollen blood vessels of the rectum and the anus and these hemorrhoids re nothing more than just a nuisance, nothing more than that. The most they cause you will be discomfort and short-lived pain. They will disappear within days if you care to take immediate action to eliminate them.

Hemorrhoids re divided into two types: internal and external. Internal hemorrhoids are found lining the wall of the rectum. If the hemorrhoids remain attached, then these are classified as the first-degree hemorrhoids. They will at most bleed. I f the rectal walls to which the internal hemorrhoids are attached become weak, with extra straining, these get pushed out of the anus. If they retract on their own, this is the second-degree type. If you need to use a finger to push the hemorrhoids back, this is the third-degree type. The fourth-degree hemorrhoids are always outside the anus. This includes the thrombosed hemorrhoids. These two type would need surgery to remove them but you do not have to be under the knife if you cn seek alternative home remedies.

You cn do the following t home to relieve your hemorrhoids pain:

1. Take a warm sitz bath whereby you soak your waist down into a tube of warm water which can contain any of the following: Epsom salts, tea, herbal salts and baking powder. These are natural astringent that will help to shrink the hemorrhoids and relieve the associated pain. If you need to use soap to wash, you need to use the type with a pH of 5.5 as this is neutral to the skin.

2. Apply both warm and cold compress alternately to the hemorrhoids. Each cycle is ten minutes. Do this several times a day and this will help relieve the pain.

3. You can make use of a suppository that contains an anesthetic, an astringent and a steroidal anti-inflammatory gent. The astringent will shrink the hemorrhoids; the anesthetic will relieve the pain while the steroid will eliminate the itch as well as heal the torn and inflamed skin around the anus.

4. Take an immediate supplement of Vitamin C 1000 mg tablet and continue taking this supplement forever. This supplement has been found to help in strengthening the blood vessels or any body cells for that matter. It will also help to shrink the hemorrhoids provided you use a preparation that also contains rutin, hesperidin and the bioflvoids.

Hemorrhoids pain relief can be achieved by using the home remedies without ever resorting to surgery. They have been found to be safe, cheap and very effective.

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