Heart Attack Warning Signs


Heart Attack is one of the more common ailments affecting the world population today. More and more people are getting aware of this ailment and have accepted the fact that they can become a victim anytime.

A heart attack does not select victims by caste, creed, color or name. Certain statistics do indicate that a particular section of society, based on demographical structure, may be more prone but it has not been declared medically relevant. Coupled with this, are certain lifestyle patterns followed by people thereby rendering them vulnerable too. However, it is a proven fact that you, he or she may become a victim even though we may consider ourselves most unlikely candidates for it.

In case one suffers a heart attack, understanding that urgent medical attention may save your life is most important. Quick medical attention not only prevents permanent damage to the heart, but also controls the fatality quotient. However this may only be possible if you read a heart attack as a heart attack. Thus recognizing early warning signs is a plus point towards saving your life.


This is a common symptom usually neglected as being indigestion. Nine times out of ten it may be so but we should understand that this may also be a first pointer towards an attack.


Shortness of breath is usually associated with asthma. However in case you have no history of asthma, beware that it may be a heart condition and thus needs further probing and medical attention. The latter anyway helps ruling out doubts.


This is linked to the feeling of an uncomfortable feeling in the chest as also breathlessness. Pains radiating from the arm upwards and gradually spreading across the body are clear indications of an attack.


This may or may not be directly responsible for leading towards a myocardial infarction it may be a result of a number of factors. However, it does relate to something unexpected and undesirable. If such a feeling of unexplained “tension” does come about, it may very well be related to an impending attack and odes require medical attention.


This is usually disregarded since all of us believe that “how can I have a heart attack?” Chest pain may be due to any ailment but clearly needs to be taken seriously before it turns into something serious.


* Feeling nauseas
* High pulse rate
* Paleness of face
* Feeling of dizziness
* Excessive and sudden sweating
* Clamminess of the skin

The point to convey here is that the warning signs may come in different forms but it is better to be forewarned about them rather than lose a life due to ignorance. Medical attention is helpful in case available within a stipulated time- then why not be aware of the warning signs and act timely?

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