Health Benefits of Turmeric – Do You Know How Turmeric Can Benefit Your Health?


While turmeric is generally known as a popular spice, there are many health benefits of turmeric that has both the alternative and conventional medical communities raving about it. This herb has been studied over the last few years and through research and clinical trials, they have found that it can heal or assist in fighting many different diseases. In this article, you’ll learn all about the various health benefits of turmeric.

This herb is closely related to the ginger root family. The herb itself comes from the root of a tall plant called curcurma longa plant. It has been used in India for hundreds of years as a staple in their diet and also as a healing agent for various conditions.

While it was touted for centuries in the eastern part of the world, we in the west have just started to discover its benefits and the different ways it can be used. In India, this herb was used as an antiseptic to treat cuts and wounds. It also was prescribed for various digestive problems, and they were right. This herb stimulates bile and helps aid indigestion woes.

The antioxidant in this herb is called curcumin. This herb reduces inflammation and also acts as a sort of ‘purifier’ since it’s a natural antiseptic. These features make it the perfect aid in treating many different kinds of illnesses and health situations.

The first role it can help is preventing heart attacks and improving overall heart health. Its antioxidant powers lend itself to your heart by preventing lipids from building up in your arteries. Over time, oxidation damage can cause these lipids to start building up and ultimately lead to a heart attack or stroke. People also saw their bad cholesterol (LDL) level diminish by at least 10% from taking it for 1-3 months. In other tests, lab mice with inflamed hearts that took turmeric over a period of time had their hearts return to normal size and begin the healing process.

Turmeric for cancer prevention – If that isn’t enough, curcumin seems to inhibit and help aid in destroying cancer cells. It was added to a test tube with cancerous cells with astonishing results. The multiplication and growth of these cells had either slowed or stopped when curcumin was added to the picture. When studying cells it was also discovered that over time, curcumin helped cut off blood flow to cancerous cells which could also lead it to commit suicide by ‘starvation’.

As I mentioned before, it seems that the reason why this herb is so effective is that it is a triple threat -an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. While these tests did not conclude turmeric as the holy grail of cures, the case studies show that it is a very valuable asset to our health.

And that makes it perfect to take as a supplement. If you take your health seriously, eat right and exercise, you should make turmeric a part of your daily diet. The best way to receive all the health benefits of turmeric is to take a capsule as a supplement 3 times a day.