Healing In Psychotherapy

{flickr|100|campaign} In psychotherapy, the healing concept is equated with a restoration of mental health. Its definition varies individually by therapeutic direction as everyday functionality, problem solving, strength of the positive inner experience, etc. The psychopathology also some limitations names of some disease images, such as psychosis, where residuals as a “left-over residual restrictions” of mental health is defined.

in psychotherapy, the concept of healing is closely interwoven with the level of the psyche (personality and behavioural structure), while share spiritual traditions (see healing work) your focus on the concept of the soul.
Healing in Religion
Biblical understanding

In the Old Testament the prophet Isaiah proclaimed that the Messiah for the sins, diseases and pain of others and takes them through his wounds are healed and have peace (Isaiah 53:5), which carried the cross of Jesus Christ and the acceptance of his saving work comes true. Christ himself has epileptics (Mt 14.17-21), lame (Matt. 4:24; 21.14, John 5.1 to 16), blind (Mt 12.22; 21.14, Lk 7:21), (Luke 17.11-19), blood liquid (Mk 5.25-34), Possession (Mt 4.24, Mk 1.34, Lk 4.33-37, 6:18) and Crippled (Mk 3.1 – 5) healed. The job of healing (on behalf of Jesus after Mt 10:8, Lk 9.1 2) and the anointing of the sick (as directed by James in James 5.13-18) is still of Christians around the world, especially in the so-called Pentecostal movement and its “daughter movements” (for example, Charismatic movement, movement, word-of-faith movement) performed. In the Christian, biblical understanding, the healing of the sick one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Healing is often closely associated with faith, Jesus Christ often said “your faith has healed you” (eg Mt 9:22; Mk 10:52, Lk 17:19).
Religious understandings [Edit]

The visit of the sick will be counted in addition to feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, of the seven works of mercy and according to Catholic canon law, it is necessary for canonization, that miraculous cures were performed by this person

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