Handling Office Politics

Working in an unbiased manner at your office and remaining neutral to the political opinions of your colleagues is extremely difficult in reality. You will observe that in every office, politics is part of parcel of a person’s professional life. Sometimes a person performance in office depends on how a person handles office politics.  

There are certain guidelines which might help you in skilful handling of office politics. Never try to involve yourself in political affairs prevalent at your workplace even if you are aware of its existence. By no means promote or intensify the matter. Avoid indulging in tittle-tattle and if the other person is doing so, respectfully leave the place. Gossip is like a communicable disease which spreads much faster than a wild fire. So, remain extra cautious in this regard.

Bear in mind that genuine grievances especially in office must be articulated to the management via suitable conduit instead of directly accessing the topmost authority. Whatever task you accomplish in your office must be documented substantially so that you can furnish that substantiation at the time of need.  

After spending a certain amount of experience in office, you must learn to handle colleagues of contradictory temperament. Some people in office might behave nastily purely because of insecurity felt by them due to your presence. Even if you have any argument with any of your colleagues then don’t take it to your heart and try to dismiss it as a minor issue. 

There is no harm in appreciating good works of others as who knows they might applaud your work in return. Don’t permit yourself to respond to the provocation unnecessarily as it will direct your attention from your real objective of performing stupendously and sincerely in the office.

There are many people in office who are greedy for imposing their supremacy over their colleagues. Get to know such kind of people because they would be accessible to you and your thoughts if you aren’t browbeaten by their personality. For instance, if you are attending an office meeting and anyone makes an attempt to challenge you, remain calm, daring as well as self-confident in putting forward your response.

There are also some people who are overpoweringly cognisant of their professional judgment, so in turn they endorse politics in office for their benefit. 

Reliability, commitment and faithfulness are three virtues of succeeding in office. Religiously follow the official code of conduct and don’t break them either at the instigation of others or for your benefit. Add more qualifications or skills associated with your job so as to brighten up your chances of promotion on merit basis. Never blow your own trumpet. Allow your work to speak for yourself. Under any circumstances, don’t cling to the feeling of bitterness or revenge as these negative emotions can prove harmful for you.

If during work, you have committed a mistake, accept it boldly and try to improvise on that mistake. Never be in a denial mode or put blame on others. It will only add fuel to the fire of office politics.