Halal Food And Its Presence The World Over

.tags Halal is a broad Islamic term encircling not only the matters of food and drink (halal food), but all other matters of daily life. In accordance to Islamic Jurisprudence, no one with the exception of God can change forbidden (Haram) things into lawful (halal) or vice-versa.

Muslims in non-Muslim countries these days strive to pursue the Islamic injunctions in their diet (as well as in every walk of life) and set up their own businesses and institutions to provide for the requirements of the Muslim Ummah. In this manner, not only the uniqueness of the Muslims will be preserved, but they will be accepted and respected for their beliefs and practices.

For Halal Food, using electric shock, explains Sakr, means that all of the animal’s blood does not drain out of its body, because electric shock affects the central nervous system. It is Haram to eat meat which has blood, as it is plainly stated in the Quran that Muslims are forbidden from consuming blood.

The closest comparison to Halal food, Kosher foods may contain alcohol, gelatin ready from swine, animal fat not slaughtered in God’s name. All of these are certainly anti-Halal. Halal foods must come from animals that were slaughtered while Muslims speak the name of Allah or His Oneness.

Globally, Halal Food certification is presently carried out by a great deal of certification bodies with several, overlapping and incoherent requirements. Information shared at the recent World Halal Forum 2007 in Malaysia described situation in the certification of Halal Foods as the key issue in the growth of the world market for Halal foods. There are an ever mounting number of certification bodies, contradictory standards and open challenges to hostile standards in the name of business gains, not quality assurance. Dialogues during the World Halal Forum offered a wide variety of views on certification, in particular regarding certification of slaughter practices and facilities.

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