Guangdong Household Ceramics, Art Ceramics Exports In The First Downward – Car Care

Recently, from the Guangdong Provincial Ceramic Society was informed that in Guangdong Province in the first three quarters of total exports ceramics, building ceramics and architectural ceramics export volume average export price varying degrees of growth, household ceramics, art ceramics are showing a downward trend, which is Ceramic export growth in Guangdong Province, the first decline for many years.
Slowdown in export growth in Guangdong Ceramics
It is understood that in 2007 the province’s ceramics exports from January to September amounted to 2.323 billion yuan, an increase of 7.25%. Building Ceramics exports 1.174 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 32.80%. Among them, the biggest increase was glazed mosaic, the export value of 3.83 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 120.11 percent, followed by glazed tiles, the export value of 498.49 million U.S. dollars, an increase of 41.50%. Wall and floor tiles are not glazed, other building ceramic tiles, an increase of 26.95%, respectively, 20.88%.
Affected by raw material prices, appreciation of the renminbi and other multi-factors, construction ceramics in the first two quarters of the export price increases are substantial. In addition to a downward trend in ceramic tile, unit prices up 3.21 percent lower, all other types of construction ceramic products were tested price increases of various magnitudes, which is not glazed mosaic unit the biggest increase, an increase of 37.69%. Geographically from exports, Singapore has become the wall and floor tiles, Guangdong Province, a major exporter. In the glazed tiles in ceramic exports to Singapore amounted to 37.95 million U.S. dollars the total revenue, ranking No. 1, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, the United States, the United Arab Emirates followed. Glazed wall and floor tiles in the absence of exports, Singapore, South Korea, United Arab Emirates and other Asian countries, exports to the forefront. In the glazed mosaic’s exports, to European and Asian countries among the top exports, which exports to Germany’s highest, Hong Kong, Macao, China forefront. Glazed mosaic without exporting countries, the exports of Nigeria up to 29 million U.S. dollars, ranking first.
It is understood that in Guangdong Province for three consecutive years over 25% export growth in ceramics, in April this year, an increase of only ~ 8.3%, while building ceramic tile 1 ~ April exports grew 36.1%, 1 ~ September grew 32.80%, showing gradual downward trend.
Rising costs lead to lower export profits
In recent years, raw material prices, rising electricity and fuel prices and other unfavorable factors Guangdong ceramic industry as a whole is affected, especially the Pearl River Delta region, this year’s chronic power shortage and rising oil prices and rising labor costs, resulting in rising production costs profits getting lower and lower. In addition, frequent anti-dumping lawsuits also seriously hindered the pace of export ceramics in Guangdong Province. It is understood that a number of advantages of the ceramic has a strong export business since 2001, one after another in India, Mexico, the Philippines and Egypt and other countries blocked, part of the country’s anti-dumping penalties of up to 200% tax rate.
Although this year the overall upward trend in exports of ceramic, but the first three quarters of Guangdong Province’s exports growth rate, compared with the same period last year, have fallen. Revealed that some enterprises, due to exports becoming less and less profitable, they plan to reduce exports, turned domestic. Meanwhile, the price had risen considerably by the sea, especially the shipping company’s ceramic products such as heavy goods, transportation costs increase, 10 months later, export ceramics presented “is not short off-season, high season is not wang” shape, the embarrassment.
Urgent need to change the way trade growth
According to the China Ceramic Industry Association said that with a variety of factors, ceramic enterprises are facing significant cost challenges, the next five years, China’s ceramic industry should be a period of adjustment and the number of total exports, an increase of speed will be decline. The next five years, the changes in ceramic export product mix, increased own research and development and take the innovation and branding will be the only way to export ceramics.
The official also disclosed that the implementation of capital operation strategy, vigorously cultivate brand-name products, learn international standards, the use of trade rules to protect themselves, digging Chinese ceramics culture, and optimize the product structure will be changing the growth mode of the major means of ceramics, the association will also tie in with the government departments, and enterprises to work together to change the growth of trade practices, and achieve higher exports of ceramic products and high value of the simultaneously increased.