Grooming Your Pet


Why Grooming is Important for Your Dog

Grooming is very important for your dog. If you still need to ask why, though, the answer is that grooming is necessary for your dog’s well-being, and for yours as well. Grooming your dog actually has several benefits for your dog. For one thing, a properly groomed dog will definitely feel better and more relaxed than a dog that has not been groomed. A groomed dog will then be more content and behaved than a dog that has not been groomed. Aside from that, if you groom your dog, you also protect it from several pests such as fleas and ticks, and can then keep them away from the potential harm of the diseases that these pests can transmit to your pet. Aside from the physical and behavioral benefits of grooming to your dog, dog grooming also has benefits for you. A groomed dog will be nicer to cuddle, and you will also be spared from negative behavior that can be expected from an ungroomed dog. Aside from that, your groomed dog is not the only one protected from diseases. If you protect them from diseases through grooming, you also protect yourself from zoonotic diseases that can affect you through your dogs.  

The Different Aspects of Dog Grooming

There are three major aspects of dog grooming. These are bathing, brushing, plus the finishing touches. Bathing can be a pretty challenging aspect of dog grooming. Dogs seem to hate baths, for one reason or another. This is why bathing your dog takes time and patience. You don’t always have to bathe your dog. It is up to you when you want to do it. You can also set a bathing schedule for your dog. Before bathing, don’t forget to block the dog’s ears with cotton to make sure that no dog shampoo suds get in. Be ready for a fight as well, since some dogs do not take kindly to bathing, especially if you have not trained it to stick to a bathing routine. After shampooing, make sure to rinse your dog off very carefully so no traces off shampoo will be left. The second aspect is brushing. This is mostly concerned with your dog’s hair. Brushing can be done regularly and more often than bathing. When brushing, pay extra attention to the tangles in your dog’s hair. The last part of dog grooming involves the finishing touches. This includes nail grooming, ear grooming, a brief eye examination, and teeth cleaning. Nail trimming is not necessary for all dogs, but you might want to do it occasionally just to make sure. Ear grooming is especially crucial since ears are prone to infection. You can also avoid eye problems such as cataracts, or gum and teeth problems by checking the eyes and the teeth of your pet regularly.  

Special Grooming Needs of Special Dog Breeds

The difficulty in grooming a dog may differ depending on the breed of your dog. If your dog is a bulldog, then you still have to worry about the folds in its skin where bacteria can also accummulate and hide out. Dogs with long ears also require more attention paid to their ears as compared to dogs with shorter ears. If your dog has curly hair, you need to trim the hair more regularly because curly hair can get out of hand faster, and might irritate your dog. Also, make sure that the hair near the head does not disturb your dog’s eyes or mouth.