Grooming Of Men’s Eyebrow

{flickr|100|campaign} How to groom mens eyebrows?

Well, it doesnt mean to remove a lot of hair and shape them like women, creating high or dramatic arches. A simple tune-up will make them look more groomed. Sometimes, all it takes is trimming the brows or taking a couple hairs here and there. Different rules apply for men than women when taming the brows.

Eyebrow Waxing

Unless you have very sensitive skin, waxing is a quick and relatively easy alternative to plucking your eyebrows and it can last weeks. Although it is generally best to get eyebrows waxed professionally, it can be expensive up to around $ 15 as a general rule, although salons do differ.

Eyebrow Threading

In Great Britain men now make up 40% of the visitors to its brow bars, double the proportion of a year ago. They are going for a treatment called threading, an ancient method of hair removal which originated in India in which a thin twine of cotton thread is rolled over the offending area, plucking the hair from the follicle level. Unlike plucking, threading removes an entire row of hair at a time so is quicker, more accurate and less painful. British men come for threading either in a bid to look good for a job interview, or to make happy their fiances, as part of the wedding preparations.

Eyebrow volumizer

Any volume we add to our hair can make it look thicker. For hair on our head we add gel or mousse to help add body. Coating brow hair makes it look up to 1 times thicker. This in turn makes you look like you have a lot more volume. A liquid can shine, go on in globs or smudge. A very fine dry powder with a high colour payout coats hairs individually. It does not glisten, run or smudge, not even in the rain or swimming.

A typical feminie shape

Note the tapered delicate finish on the Tail, the high arch, and the thin shape.

A typical masculine shape

Note the flat shape, the blunt tail, the full strong brow.

The common mens eyebrow shapes:

Grooming by beeswax

When our brows are not doing what we want and its making us mad, one of the products we can use, is old-fashioned moustache wax which we can buy at the chemist. The main ingredient is beeswax. Its cheap and will hold brows all day, though its dense, so we can only use a trace and we have to brush through it.

Eyebrow Mascara

You may have well-defined lashes, but bad brows can ruin your entire look. Brow problems can range from thin or bushy brows to more pronounced ones like uneven colour, uneven arch, or even a complete lack of brows. Most problems can be corrected with an eyebrow pencil, but if you want really convincing results, eyebrow mascara is necessary to have!

What is eyebrow mascara?

An eyebrow mascara helps enhance the shape, colour, and texture of your eyebrows; it works much like a lash mascara, except that an eyebrow mascara is thicker and heavier to prevent dripping. Some eyebrow mascaras come in the same tube and wand containers, but comb applicators are becoming more common because they are easier to use.

What’s the difference in using eyebrow mascara?

While some mascara can be used on both brows and lashes, there are some subtle differences between the two. Colour is more important in an eyebrow mascara, whereas a lash mascara is designed more for enhancement and shape. An eyebrow mascara can also be used to draw the brows themselves, so they are more fade-resistant. Eyebrow mascaras also rarely has gloss since gloss doesn’t necessarily make brows more attractive.

Who needs eyebrow mascara?

Some people have naturally thin eyebrows and need an eyebrow mascara to make them look thicker. Others have cut-off or nonexistent brows due to accidents or medical conditions. In this case, an eyebrow mascara can be used to draw or extend the brows themselves. For most people, however, an eyebrow mascara is mostly for enhancing the brow colour and shape and, using the comb applicator, for arranging the strands for a neater and cleaner look around the eye areas.

What makes a good eyebrow mascara?

Eyebrow mascara should always be evenly coloured and drip-proof. For a more natural look, make sure the colour matches the shade of your hair. If you have sensitive skin or hair, choose hypoallergenic eyebrow mascaras to avoid any adverse reactions. There are existing also colourless mascaras which are good just for keeping the brows in wanted shape. We can buy them in the cosmetics area of any department store.