Great Winter Wedding Tips For You

Great Winter Wedding Tips For You

Wedding are special occasions in people’s lives. Hence, they want everything to be perfect for themselves and their guests on the day. Although the usual plan of action is to choose a day when it is not too hot or cold, a winter wedding can be fun if it is carefully planned. There are quite a few things to consider if you are planning a winter wedding for your partner and yourself.

* The Venue

Even if you think that it is romantic to have snowflakes drifting through the air and the sound of Christmas bells ringing in the distance, deciding to have an open-air wedding during winter may be a bad idea. Especially if the temperature of the area is particularly low, guests may feel terribly uncomfortable due to the cold, and it will also be a restriction on the outfits that they as well as your partner and you can pull off. If you do have an outdoor wedding, make sure there are bonfires around so that people can warm themselves if they want to.

* The Holiday Season

The winter season is the time for festivals. It starts with Halloween. Then comes Thanksgiving, shortly after which we have Christmas. We finally celebrate New Year by ushering in a brand new beginning. Therefore, a lot of people take off from work and go home to celebrate with family. Some also go out of the city for vacations.

If you plan to marry during winter then make sure you give your guests enough time to adjust their holiday plans and still make it to your wedding.

* The Food

Since winter is anyway a time for festivals, good food is an ongoing affair during this time. You also have the choice and the opportunity to try new things which are not traditional to weddings otherwise. You make opt for a turkey for the non vegetarian dish and serve various kinds of pies instead of a wedding cake. However, those who don’t want to let go of the cake may order for a snow white cake to keep sync with the weather outside.

There should be a variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks available. Apart from the traditional champagne and wine that is normal to the occasion, you may also have coffee and tea served to guests as soon as they arrive to the venue to keep them warm. Spiced wines, alcoholic concoctions of hot chocolate and eggnogs are other popular winter drinks that can be served.

* The Outfit

The outfit is an integral part of the wedding. For a man it is easy to look good as well as keep it warm by wearing a three piece tuxedo with warm clothing inside. However, for the bride it might be an issue to wear the latest deep neck, sleeveless designer gown and not get frost bites during the event. Therefore, you should plan accordingly and make sure that your outfit has some option of putting on something warm.

A light knit shawl or a tweed jacket carefully tailored to suit the wedding outfit can be a good way to keep the cold at bay. Wearing stockings is also a smart way to keep yourself warm.

* The Decoration

Use the seasonal flowers such as tulips, roses and poinsettias is a good thing to do as it will be less expensive. You may go for a silvery look and use snowflakes to decorate the venue. If you want a more colorful look you can always use holly leaves, mistletoes and red roses to do up the place.

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