Government Job Scenario

In 2009 when recession started the global scenario of job went its worst phase. Many people losses their job and many employable workers was demoralized. Recession affected the people living standard. Many multinational and large companies laid down their employees for cost cutting. New hiring was absolutely Zero. This entire situation leads thousand of fresher to no man’s land, where they have no hope. In this entire situation, one sector which was still floating was the Indian Government Sector.

Nowadays service people are fighting with the virus of job security or can say the safety of job. The job of a particular person is not only essential for his own existence but his whole family depends on that and their livelihood is caters by his job only. After the job industry become the witnessed of recession last year, people are very much concerned about their job security because they are not at all confirmed about their job tenure.

The highly required job in public sector is Defense jobs, bank jobs, jobs in government institutions and Railway Jobs. The reason behind the popularity of Indian Government jobs are the security, stability of salary and package of other allowances that always go along with such a career. The pension skim which an individual is entitled after his / her retirement period is also a big factor that pulls people desire of getting government job. Various added advantages are there in a government job like timely promotion, various allowances, and salary hike at every particular intervals etc.  Jobs in private sector have no comparison with Government Jobs.

Plenty of Indian government jobs have insurance that there is a vacancy for each rank of experience and every qualified person. Government Jobs do not have prolonged working hour which are a trend of private jobs. Even the working pressure and a mental stress both are less in public sector job in comparison to a private sector job. But a race for Government Jobs is not easy and one need to work very hard in getting into it because the competition is very high with thousands of applicants is applied for a same vacancy. One needs to get fully prepared for government recruitment, he should have a thorough knowledge about the subject, and interview. One needs to pass various rounds of written examination and interviews to get into public sector.

With beginning of advanced technologies, one need not put much effort in getting information about vacancies in public sector; one can do it from a computer. Nowadays there are plenty of websites which gives plenty of  information regarding government jobs , its application process , location , dead lines etc. one can effortlessly finds a job containing to his / her choice in the government sector because there is a  great number of discipline to search into like defense , railways , administration, and transport etc.

Government sector is the only sector which was standing still at the time of recession. The main factor behind its popularity is the job security provided by public sector.