Gout Home Remedies


For many years now, people have successfully treated different kinds of illnesses or diseases using natural treatments or remedies. Did you know that there are also gout home remedies available for gout sufferers?

Gout home remedies are a good choice because they are readily available in your homes and in local stores. If you have gout, you can use the same home remedies that the ‘oldies’ used years ago. Some people are not aware of these home remedies because they prefer to use the medical prescriptions given by modern doctors but that doesn’t mean that the home remedies are no longer effective.

Many individuals are now trying the basics because of the increasing medical costs. Some of the effective gout home remedies are the following:

Ice – inflamed or swollen joints can be treated using ice. You can put the ice in the ice/cold packs or you can just wrap them with a thin cloth. Put the ice over the affected joint and let it stay for about ten to fifteen minutes.  The inflammation and pain will soon disappear. It’s natural to feel uncomfortable when you’re placing the ice over the affected area but this will soon disappear. The body can easily adjust to the cold feeling; besides, gout pain is much more terrible than the cold sensation of the ice.

Ibuprofen – this medicine is widely available and you can purchase them without doctor’s prescription. There are different brands of ibuprofen but make sure you choose the best brand for better results. The ibuprofen can ease the joint pain for a couple of hours.

Joint exercises – joint exercises are also possible to make joints stronger. Try to joint exercises one or two times everyday.

• If the gout is found on the toe, you can soak it in Epsom salt to relieve the pain. Epsom salt solutions can also be used to soothing tired and aching muscles. You can even take a bath with Epsom salt.

Fresh strawberries – eating fresh fruits like strawberries can neutralize the body’s uric acid content. Strawberries contain vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, and manganese.

Cherries – you can eat the fruit or you can drink its juice to reduce the levels of uric acid in the body.

• To dilute uric acid and flush out toxins, drink plenty of water. Eight to ten glasses of water everyday it’s very good for your body’s health.

• Try to eat leafy veggies, green peppers, tomatoes, berries, and citrus because these foods are rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C.

• Get enough exercise. Joint pain can be prevented through regular exercise because your joint cartilage is nourished. With stronger joint muscles, you can avoid injuries effectively.

• Apple cider is an all-time favorite because it treats various kinds of illnesses. Mix equal parts of organic honey and apple cider. Drink this mixture two times a day and in a couple of hours, the joint pain will subside.

These are only some of the best gout home remedies that you can turn to just in case you’re suffering from gout pain. As you may have noticed, the materials can be found mostly in your kitchen and if ever you can’t find any, a short trip to the grocery is all you need to get these home remedies.