Gourmet Picnics


A gourmet picnic is simply a feast for all senses. Fine dining on beautiful outdoors as you may call it. Envision your gourmet picnic where you get together while indulging yourself with good food on a fine day. And the view is simply superb – simple, peaceful, and bliss. They’re perfect for family gatherings and romantic dates. A gourmet picnic is indeed a great picnic and dining experience for everybody.
So how do you whip up a gourmet picnic?

Note, gourmet picnics need not be so expensive but it may cost more than your ordinary fun-picnic. It may also require extra effort compared to your typical picnic preparations.

Food is on top of your list. Because you intend to hold a gourmet picnic in the first place, gourmet food is the highlight for that matter. You define a gourmet picnic by the food you serve.
Here are some ideas.

You can find gourmet picnic recipes that are easy to prepare.

Gourmet food always includes bread, cracker, cheese, olive oil, greens (for salads), dips, lean meat, fruits (for dessert) and wine (for beverage). It is best to keep food individually packed as much as possible to retain its freshness. And it is also much fun to prepare them on site.

Consider this: there are two general types of cheese, hard and soft cheese. Examples of hard cheese are cheddar and parmesan while goat cheese and brie are soft cheese. It is obvious that hard cheese is easier to pack neat while soft cheese needs to be stored well in a tight container.

Cheese goes with wine of course. Simple desserts like grapes or strawberries will do fine. You can also bring cake or home-made pies for desserts.

Besides food, there are several things you would need to complete the whole picnic experience. This may also mean you would pack a bit more.

For beverages, you can put them in the freezer the night before. It will thaw naturally the next day and from the time you consume it, it’s still ice cold. Use ice packs to keep your food and beverage cool.
Never forget your gourmet picnic basket. Can you imagine holding gourmet picnics and unpacking your stuff from plastic containers? Usually, they are classic wooden, woven, picnic baskets. It doesn’t have to be fancy – a plain wooden picnic basket will do, which are either covered or uncovered. Either way, they look lovely. Together with decorative picnic table clothe/blanket, they add a homely, classy ambiance. You use your picnic basket to pack your food and utensils.

Gourmet picnics will also include silverware – spoons, forks, knives, dinnerware – plates and bowls, and beverage sets – drinking and wine glasses. In this case, you would probably need more than one picnic basket to pack them all.

Fortunately, though gourmet baskets look traditional and simple, they now come with innovative designs such as insulated linings, wine bottle holder, glass holders, and even cheese board. Bring along a few scented candles too. Of course you can pick out your favorites. Citronella scent is effective in keeping insects away, and its sweet smelling just the same.