Gourmet Chef School


There are many factors to consider when interested in being a Gourmet Chef. Just because you’re a good cook at home doesn’t mean you can just jump into this profession. There are many mental and physical demands that a person will never have to put up with at home. There is a lot of pressure, and you have to be able to meet customers’ demands with a friendly smile.

There are many physical demands as well. You will be standing for long periods of time, and not just standing still, but also often moving around a lot in confined spaces. Depending on what kind of chef position you are considering, you may be cutting, kneading, and a whole bunch of other things you may not normally think about.

However, this shouldn’t deter you from an exciting career in food preparation. You have a wide choice of type of gourmet chef opportunities, or you can start a number of different businesses, both in the catering and restaurant fields. With all these offerings, the first thing would be to really sit down and decide what you want to do. Are desserts your passion, or are exotic specialty dishes more to your liking?

There are many online resources to help, and just a simple search will results in many different listings of gourmet chef schools, possible employment, as well as everything you need to get you on your way. But before you just jump in hands and feet, maybe consider this. There are many different aspects of gourmet cooking over household cooking, from specific spice names, what they do, and their different smells. There are specific temperatures and other health concerns relating to food.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on one of the many gourmet chef schools out there, it would be a good idea to take some smaller classes first. Ones that may show you about ingredients, or how best to cook certain dishes, or just to boost your general knowledge about cooking in general. This may help to give you an idea if this career would be right for you, without all the hassles if you should change your mind.

If you are looking to be a gourmet chef because you have ideas about starting your own catering business, or opening a restaurant, there are a number of other things you will have to learn more about as well. Health and food safety are at the top of the list, but there are also business aspects like accounting, management, and inventory, just to name a few.

There are many accredited gourmet chef schools around the country and they are easy to find through the internet. Check each one you are interested in carefully, because none of them is exactly the same. Prices vary, terms and commitment change, as well as class availability. You can also find information on starting your own business and find out about things like health codes, what kind of licensing and insurance you may require, as well as useful tips and hints to make a successful food business.