Glutes And Signs


Hey there! I hope you are continuing to make yourself better and that you are waking up each morning with a new sense of awe and gratefulness! Once again, we will tackle two issues with one edition.

Have you ever taken the time to look at some older people and notice that they literally seem to have no back side? Seriously, check it out. Not that I expect grandpa to start lunging up and down the driveway with 135 pounds on his back, but there is a clue that we can take from examining the older population. Many older people have stability issues, back problems and mobility issues. I know that resistance training /fitness was not a big part of that generation’s culture, but we can use this information to assist ourselves. I can guarantee that if some of the older people had better developed glutes, they would see a world of difference and many of the above issues would be non-existent or at least reduced. When I say better developed, I don’t mean that our goal should be to have a big protruding backside, but rather, we must be able to use them and get maximum recruitment of those muscles via the nervous system. The glutes are the master stabilizers of the entire body. Many tissue ailments can be traced to them including knee and back problems. The body is a complex chain of muscles and if our main stabilizers don’t work, any point in that chain can feel the effects. Once again, watch some older people walk and notice that they rely totally on their quadriceps to move and that is one the reasons they don’t have proper stability and move rather slowly. I am not saying all people are like this, but there are enough that we can use reverse biomechanics to come up with the solution. So, be sure to started adding in bridges, lunges in different planes of motion and deep dumbbell squats to name a few good exercises for development of the glutes.

Okay, for the second part of this edition, I would like to talk about SIGNS that are all around us. One of my favorite movies is SIGNS with Mel Gibson directed by M. Knight Shyamalan. If you haven’t seen the movie, it is about signs that are present every day the fact that there are no coincidences. Whether you believe this or not is up to you, but you have to admit that it is an interesting way to look at life. To take a different approach to signs around us, try and notice how many great things we can use as tools to see the beauty in our lives. Too many of us focus on the bad and as we know what we focus on expands. What made me think of this topic was my neighbor. My neighbor happens to be a pastor and I always make a point to say hello to him. The other morning I said hello and he “responded, “Hello, do you have a good life?” So simple, yet so meaningful. By this simple question he made me think about it. I said yes of course but the rest of the day I remembered this encounter. We all have a good life and we all have troubles. Are those troubles going to mean anything when we are on our death bed? Most likely not. So take some time to ask yourself this question in the morning. Wake up with a smile rather than an “Oh no, not again!” You will notice a big difference in a few weeks by taking a different view of your life and noticing the signs around you.