Getting the Most From Affirmations – Watch Your Daily Conversations!

Daryl is a money-conscious fellow, but not in a positive way. He focuses on LACK of money rather than the abundance of it. He never seems to have enough of it. Well, one day he learns about daily affirmations and how they can help him achieve financial independence. Sounds screwy, but what the heck, he decides to give it a shot. Every morning and evening he tells himself, “I am becoming more wealthy every day.” But nothing seems to happen. He forgot something important: He needs to monitor and adjust his thinking the rest of the day, too!

Whenever Daryl talks to people, the conversation often turns to money. An old friend mentions that Fred and Norma bought a new house in the country, and Daryl says in disbelief, “I don’t see how they can afford it! Where do they get that kind of money?” A co-worker talks about riding horses, and Daryl says, “Yeah, but it sounds fun, but it’s an expensive hobby. Not many people can afford it.” A relative announces that he bought a new car, and Daryl cries, “That must have cost a fortune!”

Even though Daryl is repeating his daily affirmations faithfully every morning and night, he’s not doing anything about his negative beliefs about money the rest of the day. It even creeps into his daily conversation.

If he wants to attract more money into his life, he needs to change his thinking. It’s not enough to simply repeat positive money affirmations faithfully at certain times of the day. He needs to eliminate (or at least neutralize) those negative thoughts about money the rest of the time. Part of that means stopping those pessimistic, cynical comments from escaping his lips during conversation.

Mind you, positive thinking alone won’t make Daryl wealthier. However, if he continues repeating negative affirmations to himself, he’s going to keep missing out on those opportunities to make more money. He’s not going to be motivated to do things that will make him wealthy, because he won’t see the point. As far as his unconscious mind is concerned, it’s all useless and self-defeating.

Don’t make the mistake of repeating positive affirmations and then dwelling on negative thoughts the rest of the day. Getting the most from affirmations means changing your thinking altogether.