Getting Pregnant Practical Advice

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Thousands are now getting pregnant who never thought they could, because they decided to take action, and take their getting pregnant situation into their own hands, like I did.

Getting pregnant practical advice from someone, who tried for ten years to get pregnant myself, and could not may seem like a joke. On top of this I am a certified nurse midwife and I helped hundreds of women in my midwifery practice with their personal getting pregnant process.

Getting pregnant through traditional infertility treatments also failed my body. At the age of thirty eight and I was diagnosed being in premature menopause and was told I could never have a child.

Receiving this devastating diagnosis of infertility, and being advised to give up my hopes and dreams of getting pregnant was shocking to my system. Walking out the infertility center that day I was internally shocked with my diagnosis. The nurse inside me wondered how many more couples walk out there every day with the same devastating news, and what happens to them.

I went home cried and then decided to take my own infertility and getting pregnant project into my own hands. I spent months researching the topic of infertility and what I would have to do to change the quality of the few eggs I had left in my ovaries.

Well my personal getting pregnant plan worked and I cured my infertility and now have 2 wonderful boys conceived naturally.

I have 3 practical bits of advice for you as you wonder about getting pregnant or struggle with infertility:

1.Never give up hope on getting pregnant, no matter how long you have been trying. There are many infertility experts out there that can help you make your pregnancy happen, but you have to take an active part to correct misalignments within your body.

2.Become educated about the male and female reproductive systems and the causes of infertility. Learn how eggs and sperm are produced. Learn what helps promote healthier eggs and sperm to increase your chances of getting pregnant. The more educated you become about getting pregnant and infertility, the better life choices you will make.

3.Understand getting pregnant is more than a physical process and for some couples it may take some time. Embracing getting pregnant from a Body – Mind – Spirit approach helps overcome infertility and accelerate your getting pregnant process.