Get Rid Of Your Lice Problem By Using Home Remedies

.tags If you have noticed your child scratching his head away to glory then you should be concerned. Your childs hair could be invested with lice and head lice are not easy to get rid of. The first thing most parents want to do is run to a doctor and get anti lice prescription. Before you do consult a doctor consider a few home remedies which could prove helpful.

First inspect the head of your child. You may notice a few red welts all over the scalp which go all the way to the nape of the neck. You may also see white flakes on the strands of hair. These while flecks are the knits and eggs which grow into lice within a short period of time. Do not be surprised if you notice a few lice running all over your childs scalp.

The best remedy to get rid of lice is to clean the head with a lice comb or a pair of tweezers and then washing the hair with a good quality anti lice shampoo. The cleaning the washing process may have to be repeated several times before the lice are gotten rid of.

Another home remedy which some people swear by is applying a sticky substance such as olive oil, Vaseline or mayonnaise to the hair. Once this is done cover the head with a wrap or shower cap and keep in on overnight. The next morning wash your hair with an anti lice shampoo and then comb out your hair to see the lice drop dead.

Another recommended home remedy is the use of Benzyl Alcohol solution. About 5% of this solution should be applied to the hair in such a manner that each and every strand of hair is saturated. Use a lice comb to comb out the lice and then wash your hair with an anti lice shampoo. Avoid this method in the case of babies younger than 6 months.

Repetitiveness is the key to finding success when you use home remedies to get rid of head lice.