Get Hemorrhoid Relief From Herbal Remedies

{flickr|100|campaign} Here are four different herbs that can give you hemorrhoid relief and help get rid of your hemorrhoids. Using these herbs is a convenient and cost effective way to treat your hemorrhoid symptoms.

Use these herbs just long enough to give you hemorrhoid relief. Once you see that your symptoms have disappeared, stop using these herbs. Using Herbs longer than necessary will make you less sensitive to the power of these herbs, if you have to use them again.

Powder comfrey root

Comfrey powder comes from an herbal root that has plenty of allantoin. This herb is a powerful temporary grass that is anti-inflammatory and stimulates the formation of new skin. It can also cause hemorrhoids that are outside the anus to shrink and pull. This makes comfrey powder an effective hemorrhoid remedy.

Here is how to use it.

Buy the powder and not liquid. Make a paste mixing it with olive, fish, or flaxseed oil. Apply the paste directly onto your anus and surrounding areas. You can apply it at night and your morning shower will remove it.

Fresh comfrey leaves or roots are the best to use. However, you can get pre-cut leaves and roots and dried comfrey a health food store or grass. If you use the dried leaves, you can put them in a coffee grinder to create a powder. Use this powder to create a paste with oils.

Gotu Cola

Gotu Kola is an Indian herb that is a hemorrhoid remedy. Use an acid extract having triterpenic 70% since this is the active ingredient.

Take the time 30 mg of 3, Gotu cola per day. Extract Gotu Kola reduces pain, swelling, fatigue, and feeling of heaviness from hemorrhoids.

Horse chestnut

Horse chestnut comes from the bark of a tree and found to be useful in treating hemorrhoids. Contains chemicals “aesculin” and “aescin” consolidating their blood vessels that help reduce hemorrhoids. It also helps to reduce inflamed areas.
Here is how to use it.

You can make a tea and apply it directly to hemorrhoids. However, do not drink the tea since it contains tannin, which tightens mucus and tissue and cause constipation. Use it in powder form and mix with oil to produce a paste and apply it to your anal area.

Plantain Herb

Plantain also has plenty of allantoin powder just like comfrey root.
Here is how to use it.

Use it just like comfrey powder by mixing it with oil and applying it directly to your anus.

You can also combine equal parts of powdered plantain and comfrey. If you only have plantain leaves, put them in a coffee grinder to create a powder. Now you can make a mix with both oil and herbs.