Gender Equality in Answering Service

Since organized labor came into existence, there has been this cry over inequality. Workers and employees cried foul over discrimination in wages and working hours. The most consistent of this was inequality in terms of gender. Women were not paid the same compensation packages and that is the bitter truth even today. That scenario is completely different if you look at the answering services industry. The call center sector is a pioneer in a lot of aspects. It gave many cities a throbbing night life. It gave hope to the not-so-academically bright students, an opportunity to work with the best and learn. An understated fact is that call center services gave women the right to equal pay.  

Women have been part of the answering services industry since it came into vogue. There was a bit of hesitation in the conservative belts of the third world countries. Determined and focused women broke open those shackles and before long, you saw many of them gracing the floor of a call center. If you say that they could be part of the workforce because the conditions were suitable for them, you would be wrong. Working at a business outsourcing wing is a high-stress job. There are steep demands of deadlines and you have to be really upbeat about your work to survive the drudgery of graveyard shifts. The women have proved that they can be as, if not more, competent than the men when it came to handling work pressure.

The best part about working in the answering services that really attracted women was the pay. They had heard that in other industries of the third world countries, women had to work twice as hard to earn as much as men. In times of promotion, many more deserving women swallowed up their frustration when they saw less capable men toppling them over and moving ahead. That changed with the coming of the call center world. This was a world of equal opportunity. This was a world where women call center agents earned as much as their male counterparts. In fact, many of them have found their true calling in telemarketing because of the nature of the job.

Telemarketing call center services need patience and careful handling of callers and potential customers. Women, being naturally instinctive, are more suited to handle irate callers. They are also better at persuading the callers into buying, or at least showing an active interest in the products and services that they are trying to sell. Call center agents have to deal with a lot of aggressive behavior at the workplace. Human psychology studies have proved that men and women generally respond softly when it’s a woman on the other end of the phone. That works great for answering services. In terms of promotion and appraisal as well, women are given equal importance. Employers of the call center units know that women are a productive section of their workforce and they take care to deal with them with the due respect.