Gary Montesinos Lectures – Campaign Managers Beware! Google Could Decide The Winner Of The Mid Term Elections

Gary  Montesinos Lectures – Campaign Managers Beware!  Google Could Decide The Winner Of The Mid Term Elections

How big is too big? Google may very well find itself on the same side of this question as Standard Oil, Microsoft, and Ma Bell The American Bell Telephone Company. Google has not only dominated the American market in both online search and advertising but has also conducted a clean sweep of the UK Markets.

As political strategists prepare for the Fall Elections the internet may represent the Battle for Middle Earth as candidates fight to gain a competitive edge in the eyes of public opinion. The new term this season is called “word of mouse” which represents the speed at which a smear campaign can damage any chance of political success in the November Elections.

The battle for Congressional seats is predicted to be one of the most intense political confrontations since the Republicans ended the honeymoon period of President Bill Clinton in 1995 and gained control over the Congress and Senate. It is safe to say that the future of The GOP will be determined by their success in November, which is also the reason many political strategists are bracing themselves for an unprecedented social media blitzkrieg.

Google could determine the winner of many of the elections that will take place across this country as voters ignore the traditional campaign television commercials and conduct their own research with the use of the internet. Search engines now have the power to collect and present information about candidates that could make or break their congressional dreams with one simple search.

Any political strategist unfamiliar with the term ‘Algorithms’ has already lost the election for their candidates.

Political strategists will now have to accept the fact that the internet is now ‘The King Maker’ and Google search results are just as important to the success of their campaign as having a spotless background check. Tyronne Jacques author of “How to “Fight Google and Win” says now is the time to saturate the internet with the Gospel / Good News about their candidates.

“The best thing about the internet is that first page of search results are for grabs and is rewarded to the publisher with the most relevant content. Everyday your campaign should actively publish positive information about your candidate designed to persuade potential voters. A vote is also an endorsement that your campaign was the most successful at gaining the confidence of voters and the internet is the perfect forum to ask them for their support.”

Tyronne Jacques went on to say that political attacks in the form of blog posts, created domains, and forum comments has the potential to land on the first page of Google and demolish the momentum of  a campaign. As November approaches, mudslinging and internet lies will land on the first page of political hopefuls and could become the deciding factor in a major election.

“How to Fight Google and Win” is comprised of 21 chapters and 250 pages of slander combating  techniques.

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