Fx Solutions Review


The internet has been a lucky spot for a number of people especially for some foreign trading experts who developed the FX Solutions as a mode of e-trading. It has been approved as a member of Forex system of e-trading according to the NFA (National Future Association) and CFTC (Commodity and Futures Trading Commission). The program itself gives a customer friendly aura and a number of information but a major turn off is that you hardly ever know if they even have offices other than the headquarter and if they do, where they are? But this is not such a big issue since the brokerage offices keep all their records including contact numbers and headquarter addresses.

The FX Solution provides you with a great guide which assists you step by step and introduces you to the trade of foreign currencies. There are different assisting videos available for you to learn a lot about how the website works, what features it offers and how you can do trading. This particular feature is very advantageous for beginners. The instructions and methods shown in the videos are very easy to comprehend and act accordingly.

For beginners, FX Solutions also offers a demo account for practice. This practice account bears 10,000 USD. This helps beginners to be familiar with the trading process for a whole month. This allows you to get friendly with the tools and features and helps you grasp the prospect of e-trading once again. But the practice account cannot help you make real decisions, but will always be deciding on something outrageous and risky. This may not always be a good thing, as it looks a little too phony for the real world. You either get extremely cautious with your money once you get a real account or start taking unnecessary risky ventures; both of which are not appreciable in the business world.

FX Solutions also features small accounts with only 250 USD as the opening credit. These are really good for you if you are not in favor of demo accounts but also do not want to risk a lot of money at once. Moreover, its the real deal, and it also is very beneficial as it can give you a profit of hundreds of pips. The maximum limit for the mini accounts for traders is as high as 10,000 USD which will surely make a huge profit whenever it does, but also is extremely risky.

The GTS Pro or Global Trading System Pro is a downloadable edition of the trading forum that FX Solutions offers. It also comes in an online form i.e. GTS Web. The GTS programs are mainly offered in English but the website also features the translated versions in Chinese, Arabic and Spanish. The four languages pretty much cover the maximum target.

The actual account takes a little longer than the demo account registration but once you have registered, the GTS software has to be downloaded. The website is full of tabs and options here and there which might be a little confusing in the beginning but you will get use to it after a short while. That is why I would suggest a demo account in the beginning and if you dont like toying around, you can go with a mini account.