Funeral Urns – keeping our loved ones safe after death


During bereavement it is very difficult to know how best to remember and honour our recently departed. We all deal with bereavement in different highly personal ways, and we can also honour those we have lost in different ways. It’s probably a difficult concept to grasp but Funeral urns can be a personalised and loving way to remember our departed loved ones. The correct choice of urns can make a statement and say a lot about the person we have just lost. There are quirky designs, and some specialised designs that denote a person’s job or trade. There is a long held tradition since prehistoric times that cremation is a fitting way to deal with the earthly remains of our departed. The oldest Funeral urns found dated back 8000 years to Neolithic times, so they are not a new idea.

When you consider how long humans have been disposing of their dead via cremation it illustrates how vitally important and powerful the remembrance of the deceased can be. Using Funeral urns has become an integral part of funerary custom, and it is with good reason. Funeral urns have become a personalised and fitting way to remember our loved ones. We often have small keepsakes and mementos of our loved ones and they are a great comfort when we feel upset and emotional.

Choosing just the right Funeral urns can be a comfort and provide us with a method of remembrance. Of course losing someone is devastating and we find it difficult to cope during such times. A funeral urn however can be a way to express our emotion, sentiment and love for those we have lost. It is fair to say the choice of urn can play a big part in how we feel after the event of a funeral and cremation. Although you probably wont want to display or store the remains of your loved ones at home, it is possible.

In Victorian England it was common for Funeral urns to be displayed in peoples homes. Often the urns had pride of place on a mantle. The Victorians were probably the last age to make such an elaborate affair of death and the deceased. They did honour their dead and elaborate; highly decorative Funeral urns played a part in the funeral rites. We would do well to remember our dead with the grace and emotion of the Victorians.

It may be that your recently deceased had specific wishes about how and where there remains were to be disposed of. Any express wish needs to be honoured; those wishes could even contain some specific information about the type of Funeral urns your loved one wanted. It’s increasingly common to plan our funerals or at least let loved ones know what we would like for our final goodbye. Planning ahead for such a time is a very caring and considerate thing to do for those we love, as it can save them distress and more heartache at a hurtful time.

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