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February 10th, 2011 | Author: Insurance Quote | Edit

So you have a Funeral Home and you have Funeral Home Business Insurance to cover your property and liability risks.

Get the most out of your Funeral Home Insurance quote

You may also have Workers Compensation for your employees. You have probably had the same agent and company for years and really havent worried too much about your coverage because the premium doesnt go up much each year and you havent had claims so you think you are doing just fine. But are you? First consider the cost to replace your Funeral Home in the event of a fire? Has your limit of insurance kept up with the replacement cost of your building and contents? In many situations I have found many buildings to be under-insured. Also as your business has grown, have you increased your limit of liability or considered a Funeral Home Umbrella policy to protect the businesses assets in the event of a liability claim? How about your hearse insurance or Automobile liability, have you updated your driver list? What if your employee drives his or her own vehicle for work purposes, do you have non-owned auto liability? These are important things to consider when you get your Funeral Home Insurance quote each year at renewal. One of the newer coverages offered on a Funeral Home Insurance quote is Funeral Directors Errors and Omissions Insurance. This will cover the funeral director or his or her employees in the event of a mistake with funeral preparations of a loved one. This is not a claim situation you want to be involved in if you dont have the coverage. So when you renew your Funeral Home Insurance, make sure you sit down with your agent and discuss you entire business. A small gap in your Funeral Home Insurance coverage could create a huge financial liability for your Funeral Home Business.

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