Full Mouth Reconstruction


Full mouth reconstruction means the process of rebuilding or restoring all of the teeth in your mouth. Several specialists can become involved in this procedure including:

General or Cosmetic Dentists- doing crowns, implants, veneers or bridges
Orthodontists- moving teeth into the proper position
Periodontists- treating gum disease

The Full Mouth Reconstruction Examination

The first step in this process is to see your dentist and receive a comprehensive oral examination. During the exam, your dentist will closely review the state of your teeth, gums, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and esthetics.


Teeth- Your dentist will examine any veneers, crowns, teeth wear, implants, root canals and assess your teeth strength


Gums- Your dentist will look for deep pockets, insufficient tissue and gum disease. Scaling or other treatments may be necessary if gum disease is present. This is to make sure the newly reconstructed teeth will have a solid foundation.


TMJ- Your dentist will check your bite to make sure it’s free of pain and doesn’t cause unusual wear on your teeth


Esthetics- Your dentist will note the color, size, proportion and shape of your teeth

X-rays and other records of your mouth and teeth will be gathered. Once all of the information is assembled, a comprehensive plan will be developed for the reconstruction.


Full Bite Reconstruction Procedures

This can be a lengthy process. In fact, most full mouth reconstructions involve many phases and several office visits. The treatment could take 12 months or more.

Some of the following procedures could be done, depending on your situation:

Complete teeth cleaning and periodontal care
Shaping gum tissue to create consistency in your smile
Creating and placing permanent restorations like crowns, veneer and implants
Installing braces to move the teeth to the proper position
Grafting bone or soft tissue to strengthen your teeth

There could be many other processes performed.

Full Bite Reconstruction Costs

Most (but not all) full bite reconstructions involve doing procedures on every tooth in the mouth. A decent rule of thumb for cost is anywhere from $ 800 to $ 1,500 per tooth. This doesn’t contemplate oral surgery, periodontal and other specialized treatments. Don’t be surprised to spend $ 30,000 to $ 45,000 or more for a full mouth reconstruction.

Check your dental insurance to see if they’ll cover at least part of it. If you need a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, contact Dr. Muslin at (310) 829-6795 to discuss full mouth or bite reconstruction or visit his website at hightechdentist.com