Friedrich Air Conditioners For The Homeowner

With Friedrich air conditioners quality will not be sacrificed. Your money will be well spent on an appliance from this company. Their reputation precedes them and the award winning product lines are continuing proof that this company plans to stay on top of their game for the foreseeable future.

All the materials used in production, are made of the highest quality obtainable and manufacturing is done with this same quality in mind. Their cabinets are made of rigid steel. There are easy to remove panels which creates an appliance that is easily serviced. This will save time on your regular system maintenance. The units are pleasant in appearance and offer ease of operation.

2010 was a boom year for the innovative new models of room air conditioners released for sale by this company. Their new kuhl and kuhl+ systems are the top line available today. Several models and sizes are available and the unit comes with an innovative benefit. Included with your purchase is the option of choosing from six different available fashionable front covers to match an array of decors.

A 127 year old company as diverse as they come started out making furniture from cattle horns. Some years later they worked to increase the usability of antique ice box’s, with a super insulation process, that would extend the lifespan of the ice and save money. Not until 1952 did the first 500 AC units make their appearance. Museum pieces today. Units as old as fifty years are still known to be in working order. Durability and quality after all go together.

Consumers today want all they can get for their dollar. This company will give you that and more. Their products offer dynamic design features, coupled with energy savings, to create a wonderful marriage between functionality and conservation. The whole time saving your hard earned cash. Getting the best for your money is something you will not be denied if you choose an air conditioner from this company.

These units can be installed right through a window. Also a wall kit is available, if you have to install through a wall. This is a great place to utilize the designer cover choices to match your room. Giving you flexibility in color is another great selling point.

Kuhl units are now using 410 refrigerant which is a non o-zone depleting product. In fact all of their manufacturing methods are designed to help protect the environment. An Eco friendly company in today’s world can say a lot about it’s product. If a company cares about the planet, enough to design manufacturing around the things that concern the present issues, Then a good bet would be they care about the product itself, even more.

When deciding what system to buy for your home. Price will always matter. Another key thought should be energy cost. Efficient units and Eco friendly manufacturing are great. The one thing you should take into mind when making this decision, is Friedrich air conditioners are at the forefront of their market and deserve a good look.