French Food: The History And Advancement Of French Cuisines

.tags The French Cuisine evolved through various interesting incidents. The French cuisine is famous for royal culinary styles and cosmetic freshness of components used.

The French dishes display impact of political transformations that happened in France from time to time. You can enjoy some amazing creations like Bouef Bourguignon- which is a beef marinated in red wine. The French are serious about their cooking, and they consider it an art. They keep it at par with other art forms like painting music, dance, etc. That is the reason many of their dishes are heavily seasoned.

Today we see that French cooking involves lots of presentation and preparation, which evolved during the medieval times. The sauces were much more thicker than the ones served in the present times. Because it involved lots of seasonings, which were prepared from heavy creams and butters. Also the usage of mustard in meat preparations gained prominence during this time.

During the 19th century, sauces became the integral part of French cuisine. And By the early 20th century the French cuisine have evolved into 5 stations, which were mainly known as “brigade system”. These stations were roasted grilled and fried food, cold dishes, soups, vegetables, and pastries.

Each region of France has its own distinct cooking style and cuisine. Like in any other country all regions in have their own signature dishes. Like the coastal areas are famous for their seafood’s, prepared using sea bass, scallops, herrings, sole, etc. Similarly Normandy is famous for “moules a la cr?me Normande”. Brittany is famous for mussels, lobster, and crayfish preparations. The cauliflower thickened stews are chief attraction of North France. These stews are served with rich artichoke side-dishes. Also you can enjoy delicious “Salade Ni?oise” at Cote d’ Azura. This salad is prepared using ingredients like tuna and black olives.

The French egg recipes are savored and favored due to the uniqueness and creativity. You can enjoy various egg omelets, which are heavily seasoned with herbs and spices.

The French desserts are also famous for their unique tastes and creative culinary styles. For eg: Crepe is one such pancake , which is prepared from wheat flour and filled with ingredients like berries, cinnamon, nuts, bananas, jellies, ice cream, chocolate sauce, maple syrup, and jams to soft fruits and powdered sugar. The other popular French desserts like choux a la cr?me, tarts, chocolate mousse, and pastries also ooze the same richness and taste as the Crepe..